Friday, 24 October 2014

OOTD: Brown and Yellow Polka Dots

Today's outfit is one I wore back at the beginning of September when the weather was still hot and it still seemed acceptable to wear pastel yellow. It seems so long ago now!

I had been playing dress up that day, trying different colours with my new Lindy Bop brown polka dot Audrey dress. I don't usually find it difficult to pair colours together, but my wardrobe is lacking in colours that compliment brown, like rust, mustard, chocolate, and dusky pink, so I started experimenting with other colours. That's how this unconventional brown and yellow combo came about. 

And... I look like I'm wearing the Brownies uniform from the early nineties! I'm just missing the sash! Does anybody remember how vile the colour of the culottes and trousers was? It looked like bile! I remember always hating them, especially since my Mum made me wear the culottes and not the trousers. What kid wants to wear bile coloured culottes? Seriously? None of them do!

I've not worn culottes since my Brownies days (thank God), and I hadn't worn brown and yellow together, either, until this outfit happened in September... but I actually liked the result! I think the colours look okay together, and it was fun to try out a new colour combination. It seems a waste to leave this beautiful dress hanging in my wardrobe unworn until I buy some pieces that compliment it better. It deserves as much wear as possible; even if the most exciting place it gets worn is the garden and the only person I'm dressing up for is myself!

Outfit Details

Dress and Belt- Lindy Bop // Cardigan- New Look // 
Shoes- New Look // Bag- ASOS // Necklace- Giveaway Win

Would you wear brown and yellow together?



  1. I actually liked the Brownie culottes. I was a culottes-loving child though, I'd made my mum find me some grey ones for school. I really like the colours together :)

  2. i love your style, i found your blog searching review about the literary listography book :)
    so happy I found your blog :3

    Alice's Pink Diary

  3. Yes, I would. When I was at school one of my friends was at a nearby school and their uniform was brown. Every year they got to vote on a colour for their school jumper. I saw her in yellow and mint green and thought both of them went quite well with brown. Especially the mint - what's better than looking like a chocolate mint?! I like orange and brown too - chocolate orange! xx

  4. mmmmm bile coloured culottes! haha! what a brilliant description!! you look fab in your brown/yellow combo, the dress is gorgeous and what a pretty pair of shoes, if I ever saw a pair of 'Louise' shoes! brown and yellow was my school uniform colours with fawn, not beige, fawn socks, it was a bit posh, I was a bit mortified my Mum made my school skirt with a 4 inch hem though haha!!

  5. You look so cute :) I was banned from joining brownies (because I was kicked out of recorder club for writing what notes where what on the sheet music) at my school so I never had the pleasure of the uniform!

  6. I love brown and yellow together and this outfit is great on you. Although I'm a big colour of brown and love brown and orange together - which is a 1970s throwback ;)


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