Sunday, 7 September 2014

Sunday Favourites #98

It's Sunday and that can only mean one thing on this blog: it's time for another round of my Sunday favourites! This week is a good one, and I hope you enjoy it!

I'd love a rainbow polka dot tattoo!

This mural head-board looks so striking.

These city skyline cross-stitch patterns are gorgeous.

Fantastic use of colour!

So many beautiful colours.


Green eye make up will always be a big weakness of mine.

This caravan may look like nothing special on the outside, but on the inside it's absolutely amazing!

A Notting Hill house has been transformed in to a living artwork, with a rainbow-coloured spiral staircase and a slide in to the living room! The house is even up for rent... although you'd need to pay £15,000 a month to live there!

These ice cream cone cupcakes are so cute.

These colourful houses are gorgeous.

I love this tattoo.

This hairy-nosed wombat joey is so bloody cute!

This is brilliant!

You're good enough already.

Louise's Lovely Links

 Kate from Scathingly Brilliant wrote a fantastic post in response to Modcloth's open letter to the fashion industry, speaking about photoshopped adverts, their affect, and the changes she would love to see.

 Kristina from Twee Valley High also expressed her views on the subject, touching on "real women", shopping experiences, and the segregation of body sizes in advertising.

 I loved reading about Megan's hair growth story; I wish I had her gorgeous red mermaid hair! I had super long hair for many years, but it never looked that healthy and luscious when it grew beyond my waist.

 Leah shared her helpful advice for travelling with Fibromyalgia

 Jenny from The Geek Shall Inherit the Earth shared seven things she learned at 29 and 1/3.

 Becky's post about her visit to Greyfriars Kirkyard was fascinating.

 I enjoyed taking a peek at Kaylah's bedroom tour. 

 Reesey Peasey's post about her trip to Shimokitazawa, Japan was captivating. I need to visit Asia someday.

 Californian photographer Jason Lee started taking amazing creative photos of his daughters when his wife got sick, and the results are absolutely adorable. (I don't even like kids much).

 These photos of sunrises on Earth that were taken from the space station are amazing.

 As are all of these photos of places all around the globe, which were also captured in space..

 These 31 mind-blowing photos of cities around the world are all so beautiful. I'd love to visit every one of those cities one day.

 52 perfectly timed photos,

and finally...

 A video of a small herd of deer baffled by the sight of a cat.

Have a great day!



  1. Amazing post Louise, totally Pinterest-worthy :) xxx

  2. Thank you so much for including my post. You've got some really fascinating links here. That caravan is the thing of dreams!

  3. Thanks for linking to me again. I LOVE Kate's letter so much. x x

  4. What's my bag doing on the internet!! haha! and I adore the colourful houses, so pretty, and £15000 a month to rent (albeit a very awesome) house, feck!! x x x

  5. I love the colourful houses they are fab! Xx

  6. I love that rainbow tattoo - how amazing. Also I want to live in that caravan!


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