Sunday, 18 May 2014

Sunday Favourites #82

Hey guys,

Sorry for the radio silence over the last few days. I've not been feeling a hundred percent over the last couple of days and although I've started putting posts together, my head's been a little foggy and I've just not had the energy to write. 

I have managed to execute this week's Serendipity Sunday post for you, though, and hopefully I'll be able to catch up on everything else over the next couple of days and get myself organised. For now, let's just concentrate on all the weird and wonderful things that have made it in to this Sunday's post. I hope you enjoy them!

This geometric rabbit tattoo is amazing.

I love this sunset at sea tattoo design from Sasha Unisex. I can't wait to see the end result.

This colour field tattoo is so fun. It's actually a temporary tat, but I think it would be even better inked.

I'm in love with everything about the Rock and Roll Bride's Summer Bridesmaid Hairspiration post. The colours, the floral crowns, her gorgeous pink hair, her tattoos... so much perfection in one post. There are loads more photos from this shoot at the source, so take a peek! You won't be disappointed.

Can you believe these flowers are made from paper?!

Amen to that!

This is such a pretty summer manicure.

An amazing heart-shaped bun!

I love this rainbow eye make up.

This must be the best nook in the world!

These well camouflaged leaf frogs!

This leaf-tailed gecko is bizarre-looking! Isn't it amazing?

A great horned owl which is totally just a tree!

And don't you forget it!

Sasha Unisex's kitten tattoo design is so beautiful.

Ice cream cone pinatas!

There's so much wisdom to this quote.

Moon nails!

These cubic houses in Rotterdam are some of the most odd looking buildings I've ever seen.

There's an island in Japan called  ┼îkunoshima (Bunny Island) that's home to hundreds of friendly bunnies! I think I need to live there!

So true.


I posted about Zaria Forman's hyper realistic works of art  earlier this year, but I discovered more of her work this week. Can you believe these images of the sea are paintings and not photographs?!

A swimming pool slash bedroom is exactly what everybody needs in life... Strange but kinda cool.

Incredible Hindu temples in Prambanan.

This giant space ship shaped building is actually somebody's home!

♥ Callie from The Corners of the Curve wrote a great post about self-worth and celebrating who we are, entitled Beautiful to Me.

♥ Venessia from Style 4 Curves shared her 12 tips on how to save money while looking stylish.

♥ The Temporary Secretary shared her photography tips for fashion bloggers, this time focusing on lighting.

♥ Kaelah of The Clueless Girl's Guide shared 20 ways to beat a bad mood.

♥ I loved this post from Rock 'n' Roll Bride about the first legal gay wedding in England.

♥ And these 47 photos taken throughout history are fascinating.

♥ Did you hear about the swarm of 5000 bees which paid a visit to Topshop in London Victoria earlier this week?

♥ When their ducklings disappeared, they assumed the worst... You'll never guess what happened next!

and, finally,

♥ The 100 most important cat pictures of all time; guaranteed to make you smile if you're a cat fan.

Thanks for reading!



  1. I'm so sorry you've not been feeling well! I love that Sasha Unisex Kitty, so cute! Also its always been one of my dreams to go to that bunny island in Japan!

    1. Thanks, Trees. I'm doing okay! I'd love to visit that bunny island someday, too. Or maybe I just need to recreate it in my back garden?? xx

  2. Sorry you haven't been well and so doubly thank you for making an extra effort to do your Serendipity Sunday blog which I always love. This one in particular you have helped me to see a little perspective and turned my day around. The quote about people feeling like crap who treat you like crap. I am now sending off that person who has been upsetting me with peace xx

    1. Thanks, Vicky; but I'm okay. I'm glad you enjoy reading these Serendipity Sunday posts, and I'm even happier that one of the images has helped you. I'm also sorry somebody has been upsetting you. You don't deserve that, no matter what the person is going through, but I'm glad you've been able to send them off with peace. Hopefully they'll leave you alone from now on. xx

  3. I hope your feeling better now :) the kitty print would make an amazing tattoo! Xx

    1. A little, thanks, hun. I can so see you with that kitty tattoo! It would look amazing on you! xx


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