Sunday, 27 April 2014

Sunday Favourites #79

Morning all!

It's time for this week's favourites, so let's just dive right in...

Just when I think Sasha Unisex's tattoo designs couldn't be more perfect she shares this stunning lion! 

Sasha's lion designs are so beautiful. Just look at this beauty I stumbled upon this week!

I know that the tattoos in this ad are most likely photoshopped, but I really love the designs! Especially the colourful swallows below the knees.

This fruity manicure would be perfect for summer time!

This passion flower inspired eye make up is beautiful. Purple and green is one of my favourite eye make up colour combinations.

I love all the colours used in this lily inspired look.

I want to try this DIY for watermelon print gift wrap.

Always be yourself; you're beautiful just as you are.

This amazing photo of a turtle about to eat a jelly fish. He shall be my squishy...

Bilbies are so cute! They almost look like mini aardvarks.

Unlikely friendships are the best.

Whenever I see different woodland animals together, I can't help thinking of The Animals of Farthing Wood. Not that there was an otter in the cartoons of books, as far as I can remember.

Could this orangutan be any more human?

It looks like this monkey is playing vet to his wide-eyed feathered friend.

Would you look at the antlers on this beautiful reindeer!

Doesn't Charlotte look pretty in the Matalan gingham skirt and a crop top she made herself?! She's currently running a giveaway with the top as a prize, so if you love it and are a size 22, go enter her giveaway for a chance to win it! 

I love all of the pretty dresses worn by this bridal party; so many lovely prints!

This lady from the blog 'Chronically Overdressed' looks fabulous in this vintage inspired outfit.

This is a canal water slide in Bali, Indonesia! It looks like so much fun!

I'm in love with all the skirts in this photo. Although the shoes are quite crazy.

So true. In the words of Fall Out Boy: "you are what you love, not who loves you!"

This mini blue ombre cake with sprinkles looks amazing. 

So true! I can relate to this quote a lot.

I completely agree. What's so wrong about being passionate about things, anyway? I got nothing!

These two giant horse statues are called The Kelpies and tower 30 metres above the Forth and Clyde canal on the east coast of Scotland. Another sight to add to the Bucket List!

I do! It no longer functions the way it once did...  thanks, Internet!

This looks heavenly.

And this has to be the cutest GIF I've ever seen! Penguins chasing a butterfly! 

♥ These 25 Creative Uses of Cosmetics are well worth a look if you love creative eye, lip, and nail looks.

♥ In Philadelphia, a giant game of Tetris was recently played on the side of a 29 story sky scraper!

♥ These macro photographs of snails in their natural environments are all so beautiful.

♥ Betty Pamper's unicorn nail art looks amazing. I want to give it a go!

♥ Char shared her tips on how to make bunting. I wish I were as skilled as she is in the sewing department.

♥ I discovered another great website for free Kindle books called Hundred Zeros, which links you to free and cheap Kindle books on Amazon. There are also US and International editions of the website, which are linked to here. Why pay for books when you can download them for free?!

♥ I discovered that website in this list of useful websites, which you might find useful.

♥ I love this floral initial DIY.

♥ Don't Let Fear Stop You From Travelling makes a very fair point in the form of a comic strip.

♥ As are these GIFs of a cat playing with a pedal bin. Hours of entertainment.

♥ 28 Reasons Growing Up in the UK is Actually Awesome. Sarcasm should be our national language.

♥ 28 Photos to Make You Explode With Happiness. Or perhaps just break in to a smile or two.

♥ How many movie musicals have you seen? I love musicals, so I'm surprised I've only seen 30 out of the 150 in this quiz. I'd better get started on rectifying that one!

and, finally,

♥ Some beautiful outfits and outfit posts I've enjoyed recently: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.

Thanks for reading.



  1. Those lions are gorgeous! The quote by M.K. really spoke to me, so much so I've just saved it and posted it to my Facebook page. Another fab list of wondrous things! x x

  2. Penguins chasing a butterfly maybe the cutest thing ever!! and pre-internet? even I can't remember!! although I remember when we first got it I was really quite terrified of it, I was quite convinced it was full of rude stuff and it would attack your computer (I was a terrible techno-phobe, it took me years to get a DVD haha) x x x x

  3. Amazing I love this weeks post ! Esp all the animals xx

  4. Another lovely list - also love the cartoon about traveling! I've traveled all over with my partner, friends and also by myself. I regret none of it!


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