Sunday, 6 April 2014

Sunday Favourites #76

Hey guys,

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. What have you all been up to?

I still haven't quite bounced-back from going to see Fall Out Boy three weeks ago, but I did push myself to go see Divergent at the cinema on Friday evening- and I'm so glad I did as it was amazing! Has anybody else seen it yet? If you haven't, you must! They got it so right.

Anyway, let's get on to what you're all here for- this week's Serendipity Sunday favourites!


I may or may not have shared this make up look before, but all those lovely colours caught my eye this week.

Chastity of Garner Style's amazing look was inspired by Kelis! That skirt is fabulous.


Isn't this outfit, worn by Kate of Scathingly Brilliant, absolutely gorgeous? I love the contrast of the purple cardigan against the black and white checked dress.


Pretty Cath Kidston style manicure.


Colourful leopard print.


These floral tattoos are beautiful. They're actually temporary tats, but I'd love a permanent version in this style.


I'm also in love with Sasha Unisex's red rose tattoo.


This white chocolate pistachio shortbread looks delicious.

A walk in closet on more than one floor? Oh, yes!


Pretty green eyes.


I'm in love with this beautiful selection of photos taken by Moscow-based Russian photographer Katerina Plotnikova. (There are many more at the source). Amazingly, these photos aren't photo-shopped! The animals are all real! Doesn't this enchanting collection of photos look like something out of a fairy tale?!



This owl was rescued and likes to follow his human around the house to help with his chores.

I love this gift-wrap idea.


An amazing lightning storm in Ikaria, Greece.


Paris' Catacombs are a giant ossuary and cemetery, which are home to some 6 million bodies laid to rest below the city streets. Is it odd that I find this interesting and not disturbing?

This is a 2500 year old mummy known as the Altai Princess, who was discovered in 1993 with well preserved tattoos on her arms,and fingers! It's interesting that young women had tattoos all those years ago! 

I wonder what future scientists would theorise about our generation's tattoos if we were all mummified...


"In Iceland, volcano Eyjafjallajokull burst through her ice caps and provided a light show for villagers down below of burning red magma and crackling white lightning as clouds of black ash covered the night sky." Mesmerising! 


This is a completely uninhabited resort city called Varosha, on the coast of Cyprus. It was evacuated after the Turkish invasion, and today it remains a ghost town stuck in 1974. How creepy!


Art made by wind up toys!


This abandoned resort is called Wonderland, and was set to be China's version of Disneyland. Apparently there were problems during construction and it was abandoned. It's still there in the middle of a field and attracts explorers... I can't help thinking this would be a great background for outfit photos!


Okay, I want to go for lunch at this Waterfalls Restaurant (Villa Escudero)! Now that would be a meal to Instagram!

I love this letter from a Daddy to his daughter. He's a keeper.

♥ Jessica Dorland guest-posted for The Militant Baker with a brilliant post entitled My Inner Voice is a Bully.

♥ Lisa O' Neill wrote a fantastic post called Being (Em)bodied., also guest posting at The Militant Baker.

♥ The gorgeous London student home of Adora Mehitabel.

♥ Heavily tattooed rock and metal musicians often get a bad rap, but here you get to see their softer side as a group of metal musicians pose with their cats! The topic has been made in to a book, with a percentage of the book-sale proceeds going to no-kill animal shelters! I love this!

♥ This post is filled with beautiful places I want to visit one day: 129 Places Worth Visiting Once in a Lifetime (Part 3).

 31 Tattoo Artists That Should Be Fired. And I thought my star tattoo was bad! 

 30 of the Most Powerful Images Ever. A few of them made me cry; they're very poignant. Just a warning: there are photographs of dead bodies, devastation, and the inside of an Auschwitz gas chamber in that post, so if such images distress you, don't click through!

♥ I love this selection of 21 Dramatic Colourful Make Up Tutorials.

 20 Nightmarish Places That Will Keep You Awake At Night.  Well, I'm not sure about that, but there are some interesting places to take a gander at.

 7 Epic Displays of Lightning. I've shown you two already, but the over five are also beautiful.

♥ I love this adorable little house.

♥ These GIFs are too cute! And this one made me laugh.

and, finally,

♥ Visitors to Mt. Hua Shan in China either have a real enthusiasm for tea, or they have a death wish, because this is just insane!

Have a great day!



  1. Fab post as always :) I totally need my dressing room on 2 floors!! Xx

    1. Thanks, hun. And I bet you have the clothes and accessories to fill a two-floored dressing room! I think I'll have one in my dream house when I win the lottery! Haha! xx

  2. That fuschia skirt! Those tattoos! And I love Kate's style, I swear she lives in a pastel wonderland! xxx

    1. I'm seriously in love with the skirt and the tattoos! I agree with you about Kate's style; I've never seen anybody dress so perfectly in pastels in my life! <3 xx

  3. Another feast for the eyeballs. Thanks Louise! x x


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