Sunday, 20 April 2014

Sunday Favourites #78 (Easter Special)

Happy Easter everyone!

And Happy Sunday to those of you who don't celebrate it!

As it's Easter Sunday, I've put together a special Easter-themed Serendipity Sunday post for you this week, jam-packed with Spring and Easter inspiration. Today's post is full of bunnies, chicks, pastel colours, nail art, decor and crafts, and I hope you enjoy the change from my usual offerings!

Make yourself comfortable, put your feet up, grab a piece of Easter chocolate, sit back and enjoy...

Colourful Easter nail art.

This pastel coloured display is so cute.

Easter Bunny Breads.

I would never have thought of doing this, but don't these dyed eggs turn a vase of pretty Spring flowers in to a striking centre-piece?!

I really love this make up look! It's been a while since I last wore pink mascara!

Beautiful daisy nails.

This is the sweetest bunny illustration.

Pastel cardigans and bunny buttons!

Rainbow DIY Love Eggs!

A paint chip Easter egg garland. Such a great idea!

These lovely pastel bunny biscuits.

Dyed bunnies... Why must people do this to these poor critters? They're animals, not stuffed toys! They're an 8-10 year commitment (sometimes more), and should never be sold as impulse novelty Easter presents. 


Chicks are also dyed in vibrant colours and sold as novelty pets to impulse buyers . Apparently, they inject the dye in to the eggs during the incubation process; although some farmers will spray the chicks with dye after hatching, instead. The dye isn't permanent, though, and will disappear as the chicks grow, but unfortunately as this happens, the novelty also wears off for many owners.


These are dyed chicks at a market in Xela, Guatemala. It makes me sad to see so many crammed in to this box as if they were stuffed animals not living things.

This origami bunny garland is really cute.

I shared these pinata Easter eggs a couple of weeks ago, but I had to include them again because they look amazing.

This photo is lovely.

I love these bunny place cards.

This speckled egg cake looks like the perfect Easter dessert.

Cath Kidston inspired eggs!

Bunny ear macrons!

The prettiest pastel painted eggs.

These Easter decorations are so lovely. I love the colour palette.

I want to make some Easter Surprise Eggs! I'd fill them with make up, nail polish and / or chocolate!

Bunny in a basket.

I'd love to get a tattoo like this of my old bunnies Honey and Tigerlily, who passed away of old age over the last two Easters. They were my fur babies.

Cheep cheep!

The sweetest Easter bunny paper chains.

Bunnies racing!

And this old image, which is from a book published in 1937!

Happy Easter, everyone! I'll be back with another Serendipity Sunday post next week.



  1. Love the look of most of the Easter pictures, apart from the coloured chickens and bunnies, how the hell can people do that to animals.... bloody disgusting.

  2. Happy Easter Louise! I hope the Easter Bunny dropped a couple of chocolate eggs your way! I would love to put a floral garland on my bunnies, it couldn't happen, they eat everything! I love the bunny tattoo, it is so adorable! and those poor chicks and bunnies, why must people do this??? they are a commitment and they are living beautiful creatures, mine bring so much joy (and own the garden haha!) love the post x x x

  3. Sorry for the loss of your bun buns. Another lovely post! x x

  4. Yah! I love Easter themed things - its my favourite holiday (even if its actually autumn for us). I love that old image from the 1930s with the rabbits and kitten - how mad is that? Awesome though. I feel so sorry for the coloured chicks and bunnies - some people are just such jerks!

  5. Love the Easter post! It's happy and colorful!



  6. I love the cardigans! I completely agree with you on selling animals as novelties and something to be bought on a whim xx


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