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Design Glassware by Mont Bleu

The lovely people at Mont Bleu recently got in touch and invited me to review some pieces for them.

I'll admit I had never heard of Mont Bleu before that email arrived in my inbox, but I did my research and soon learnt that they sell beautiful luxury glassware and cosmetic accessories; such as glass nail files, tweezers, make up brushes, mirrors, and jewellery; many of which are decorated with patterns and Swarovski crystals. 

Mont Bleu are in fact one of the world's leading manufacturers of glass nail files, and one of the main companies who produce accessories made with original Swarovski crystals in Europe.

I fell in love with many of the accessories on their website immediately, so I of course happily agreed to review a few items. Still, I was surprised when the box arrived on my door step just a few days later!

I was pleased to find two glass nail files, a pair of tweezers, a compact mirror, and a pair of earrings, all featuring Swarovski crystals, cradled carefully in the box.

This is how each of the accessories were packaged. The mirror also had a cardboard sleeve over the box.

I was sent two of their Swarovski nail files; the 13.5cm Swarovski Nail File in Turquoise*, and a 9cm Travel Nail File in Comet Clear- Green Crystal.* Both nail files are made from high quality tempered Czech glass and are decorated with Swarovski crystals. I'm not a fan of too much bling, but I personally think the designs are tasteful and not too OTT. I particularly love the colour of the turquoise file!

I gave both files a whirl earlier in the week and I have to say, I was impressed with both of them. The slightly sharp edges of the new glass provided a rough texture against my nails, which meant they were each filed and shaped in a matter of seconds. I hate filing my nails because it's so tedious, but I was done in no time at all! Both sizes were easy to handle, and both gave great results. I prefer the larger file for every day use, but the smaller travel file will be perfect for using on the go, as it's been designed for. I've added mine to my handbag so I can be prepared for nail emergencies on the move.

I've used nothing but glass nail files for at least five years now, as I prefer them to all the rest. I can't stand the texture of emery boards and other nail files against my nails; they literally sends shivers down my spine. Glass nail files, on the other hand, don't pose the same problem. They seem to just glide gently against the nail, and I personally think they provide smoother results than other types I've tried. They're kinder to the nails, too, and because the designs are so strong and durable, they should last you for years- providing they're looked after. (Which is kinder on your pocket in the long run, too!) 

The Swarovski Nail File (turquoise) retails for 10 euros which is currently about £8.23. The Travel Nail File (Comet Clear- Green Crystal)  is 8 euros, about £6.59. Both designs come in a wide variety of colours, and Mont Bleu also offer other glass nail file designs, including some with semi-precious stones and silver decorative figures. I think every girl needs a glass nail file in her beauty arsenal! I couldn't be without one.

My favourite item from the bunch has to be the Swarovski Tweezers.* They are made from high quality stainless steel and have been hand decorated with Swarovski crystals of various sizes. I was sent a pair in turquoise, which is one of my favourite colours, so we were already off to a good start before I'd even used them!

They arrived presented in a black velvet sleeve, and were secured near the end with a clear plastic band.

The tweezers have slanted metal tips, which are designed to make shaping as easy as possible. I found that the slanted tips helped me to pluck those stray eyebrow hairs with precision, and I was able to quickly and effortlessly pluck each target; even those light downy hairs that can be tricky to spot. It made me realise how blunt my other tweezers are. The tapered slim-line design was comfortable to work with, and I found them to be quite light-weight, yet very sturdy- including the crystals which are strongly attached. I'm very impressed with these tweezers, and they're probably the best quality pair I've ever owned.

The Swarovski Tweezers (in Turquoise) retail for 12 euros, which is about £9.89, and they come in a variety of beautiful colours.

I was also sent a pocket mirror "Green Sun",* which is a very light-weight plastic mirror decorated in Swarovski elements. It came presented in a smart and heavy-weight leatherette box on a bed of velvet, which is a nice feature. The box is strong so there's no need to worry about the mirrors breaking in transit when you place an order.

If I'm honest, by appearance, this mirror isn't something I would normally pick for myself. While the crystals do look pretty, the amount of embellishment and style of the compact just isn't to my personal taste. However, if you love a bit of sparkle, this may be completely perfect for you!

The compact is very light-weight but fairly study, which makes it ideal for carrying around in your handbag all day. Inside are two mirrors; one which is well magnified which is helpful for re-applying make up- or if you're just blind, like me and find it difficult to see yourself properly in a standard mirror. The mirror retails for 12 euros; about £9.89, and also comes in five other colours.

And the last product I was provided with is this pretty pair of Crystal Earrings;* "Crystal Vitrail Medium." The earrings are hand made in Prague in the Czech Republic from crystallized Swarovski elements, and covered with hypo allergenic metal. They don't contain zinc or other harmful metals that commonly irritate the skin.

I've worn the earrings for a couple of days now, and I've not had a bad reaction to the metal, like I often do with costume earrings (no itchiness, redness, or swelling of the lobes), and neither have I been left with green tinges on my skin. I think the earrings are far prettier on than on the piece of plastic, but just look at all those beautiful colours shining in the sunlight! When the day light touches them, they shine in all the colours of the rainbow.

The earrings are a purse-friendly 7.20 euro or £5.93, which I think is reasonable for a pair of lovely handmade crystal earrings.

Along with glass nail files, tweezers, mirrors, and earrings, Mont Bleu also sell many other products, including make up brushes, hair brushes, bag holders, and manicure sets. I personally love the look of the make up brushes! 

Mont Bleu are based in the Czech Republic, but they deliver all over the world including to the UK, USA and Canada. Unlike some companies, their delivery charges are so inexpensive, with worldwide priority airmail set at just 3 euros! I don't know about you, but I'm often reluctant to place an order when the delivery costs are extortionate, so I'm impressed to find a company that doesn't charge the earth for orders to travel around it.

The quality of all the items I reviewed is fantastic, and I can't rate them highly enough. They'd make perfect gifts for family and friends, and even better presents to yourself! 

Why not pop on over to Mont Bleu's website for a browse and treat yourself to something lovely this pay day? You deserve it!

* I was provided with all the products in this post by Mont Bleu in exchange for a review. As always, all photographs, words, and opinions are my own.


  1. I love the earrings! I'm not going to lie glass nail files really freak me out I feel like I'd be shaving off little pieces of glass on each nail! After reading what you have said I might give one ago if I can put the feat aside lol xx

  2. Those earrings are adorable, the colours are amazing!

  3. What a lovely parcel! I really need to try a glass nail file, I agree that emery boards make my skin crawl! xxx


  4. I have a couple of glass files (both of which I've temporarily lost!) and these look and sound fantastic! The earrings are so pretty too. x x


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