Monday, 17 March 2014

Pretty Pastel ASOS Bags

Over the last few months, I've been lucky enough to add a few lovely new bags to my ever-growing collection, and it was about time I gave you all a little peek!

Since the start of the year, I've acquired four new bags, and the best part is that none of them left so much as a dent in my bank balance. I purchased them all through ASOS while they were on sale, on promotion, or / and with a discount code and got myself a little cash-back, too, through using Quidco. You could say, they were practically free. Okay, I'm exaggerating just a little bit... but only a  little.

Let's start with the prettiest and newest additions, because I know they're being coveted by a lot of people at the moment...

Aren't these sugary sweet pastel scalloped satchels beautiful? (Try saying that three times fast!) I think they're so lovely.

I purchased them within days of each other a couple of weeks ago after coveting them since they landed earlier this year. The lilac version was high on my wish list all Spring and Summer last year, but I was never able to treat myself and I missed out. So, you can imagine my excitement when I saw it had made a reappearance a couple of months ago, and I promised myself that this year I wouldn't let it get away. Soon after the yellow version made an appearance, and I fell in love with it, too. I decided to wait until a discount code appeared.

The bags were originally a very reasonable £22, and a few weeks ago the price was lowered to £18. I then found a discount code which lowered the price even further, and at just over £14 each, I didn't feel too guilty treating myself to both colours in one week. 

Both satchels are lovely and if you love pastel-coloured bags, they're well worth a purchase. My favourite is the yellow, which is a bright and cheerful shade of lemon. In the stock photos, it looks more mustard, but the colour is a delicate pastel yellow, and I'm so pleased it is. It will be the perfect bag for brightening up any outfit, I guarantee it; just looking at it makes me feel more cheerful! Gah, I love yellow!

The lilac is a very soft and pale shade of lilac, and it's as pretty as I'd imagined it would be. It's going to go so well with the yellow polka dot dress! (Yes, I'm still obsessed with that dress!) I think this is the first lilac fashion thing I've owned since the nineties, when it used to be my favourite colour. I've since shied away from most pastel colours, preferring bold colours, and it's only really over the last few years that I've began to love them again.

The satchels are medium-sized with enough room for a few essentials, and have an adjustable shoulder strap for wearing across the body or on the shoulder. My favourite part is the pretty scalloped edging.

The colour of the lilac satchel is best shown in the photo above. 

The inside of the yellow satchel is the same shade as on the outside, whilst the lilac has a black lining, which is quite a contrast.

You can find the yellow satchel here, and the lilac here. They're both currently just £18.

In January, I purchased this ASOS quilted mint green bunny ears bag with some Christmas money from my Nana. I'd been coveting the forest green version during A/W, but when I saw the mint I knew this was the one for me. Let's just say I wasn't disappointed; it's such a cute and quirky bag, and is going to look great with some of my dresses as we move in to Spring. Give it another month, and this bag will probably be on regular rotation.

The bag reminds me of the white rabbit's house in Disney's Alice and Wonderland, which is a film I've loved since I was really young, so I had to have it. I'm also a sucker for bunnies. I had two as pets for ten and eleven years until they passed away over the last two Easters, and I've basically become a crazy bunny lady since they came in to my life. Some people like cats, I love bunnies!

The bunny ears bag is still available here and is currently £18. (I think I paid about £15 for mine with a discount code.) It also comes in a couple of other colours.

And finally, the fourth bag to join my collection this year is this River Island studded and rhine-stoned bowling bag, which I bought through ASOS. 

River Island is one of my favourite brands on the high street for bags, and I had been admiring this particular one all Winter. I pounced on it when it was on sale from £45 down to £17.50, when there was also a further discount on sale items. I think I paid about £14 or £15 for it, which was an absolute bargain. I'm afraid it's now no longer available. 

It took me a few weeks to decide if the bag looked cheap, but now I'm beginning to really like it. The only negative I have to say about it is that the lining feels and looks horribly cheap, but I guess I can see past that since it doesn't affect the exterior of the bag. It's been a while since I last had a staple tan day bag in my collection. My last one literally fell apart from over use. Every girl needs a staple tan handbag in her collection, and I'm pleased to have found mine without even spending a fortune!

And that's all I have to say about that...

Wow, I do ramble on, don't I?! I'm sorry! If you've made it through to the end, congratulations and thanks for sticking with me! I promise to shut up and bugger off now!

Have you bought yourself a lovely new handbag or two recently?



  1. oh, this pastel lilac bag has been in my watched items on ASOS for so long, isn't it lovely!?

    1. It's so pretty! You really need to get your hands on one!

  2. I love the lilac bag, and the bunny ears! I'm giving up on River Island bags, they look lovely but I've had several zips break and every lining has always fallen to pieces. Not worth the full price IMO :( xxx

    1. Oh, that's such a shame! I've got eight or nine River Island bags and I've never had a problem with any of them. None of mine have fallen apart, even after a few years use. I'd say they're my favourite high-street brand for bags. One of my sister's RI satchels broke the other week, though. The strap literally snapped when she was using it. xx

  3. Such cute bags I love the bunny ears one xx

    1. Thanks hun! I love the bunny ears one, too xx


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