Sunday, 5 January 2014

Sunday Favourites #63

Well, it's the first weekend of the New Year, and now that the festivities are over and life is resuming as normal, my reckoning is that it's probably the quietest and least stressful one you've had since November. Am I right? I'm confident I am. It's much calmer for me, that's for sure.

 I hope you're having a good weekend, however you're spending it. Why not grab yourself a coffee, and put your feet up to enjoy the next couple of minutes catching up with my Sunday favourites.

This ensemble is perfect in so many ways.


I'm loving these mint patterned nails.


I love this colour palette.


Lilac hair 

I want this flamingo tattoo.

I'm in love with the colours and the shading used for these rose tattoos.

I love the idea of creating a Book Jar. The idea is to fill the jar with titles of books you want to read on  little pieces of paper, so you can pick one at random every time you need something new to read. You could go with books you own but haven't yet read, or perhaps work your way through a 100 Books to Read type list. I might have to do this at some point; I have so many books to get through!

Make up inspired by penguins!


I have to visit the Moomin House at Moomin World one day. It looks like a fairy tale land covered in snow.


Can you believe this macro shot of a bumble bee is actually CGI?


This colourful little set up is so bright and cheerful.

Why not turn lollipops in to cherries for gift wrapping?! I know I will!

This woodland animal tattoo sleeve is stunning.

This baby beaver is the cutest!


These things bought me hours of entertainment!


Brutus the bear was rescued when he was just a tiny cub, and raised by Casey Anderson and his family. Now full grown, the grizzly bear is so close to his humans, that he was even best bear at Mr Anderson's wedding!

This lady's jeans are amazing!

This is such a great manicure.


That's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Esther the Wonder Pig is so adorable, she even has her own Facebook page! I don't know why pigs are so damn cute, but I love this little selection of photos of her.


These 7 rules for life speak a lot of truth.

Such a cute arrangement.

You've been perfect all along.

These Mushroom Cookies are adorable!


I love this GIF... I've even been in a similar situation!

♥ The Story of Dominic the pit bull puppy who cuddles and comforts animal patients at Colorado Veterinary Clinic. Heart warmed.

♥ The story of Bran the golden retriever who was rescued during a flood in Atlanta.

♥ Patrick, the oldest living wombat.

♥ Some outfits I'm loving this week: Kaelah of The Clueless Girl's Guide in a stunning floral frock; this Rosey Peach look from Beck Poppins; and Chelsea of Cheesieness tumblr blog in polka dots and forest green.

♥ I loved reading Kate of Scathingly Brilliant's year in outfits post. This lady has flawless style, and her outfits are always so perfect.

♥ I think everybody should read the post This is What Disability Binarism Looks Like. Nobody should be judging a wheelchair user for being able to stand or walk a couple of steps. Ever.

♥ I cried reading It Happened To Me: I Disowned My Abusive Family, told by the brave lady of the blog "It Is Not My Shame To Bear." She tells of her life time of verbal and physical abuse from her family, and how she finally found the courage to cut them out of her life.

This quote from Natasha Devon. And this one from Hilary Clinton.

♥ 25 New Year's Resolutions Every Person Should Actually Make.

♥ The Politics of Looking Sloppy and another post in response both ring true.

♥ I couldn't help but laugh at a lot of the images of 23 Cats That Forgot How to Cat.

And finally,

♥ Digital artist Catherine Nelson has created some incredible images of "floating worlds" by stitching together hundreds of nature photos. Her work is remarkable and was created with the reminder that the fate of our world rests on our numerous and diverse ecosystems.



  1. Your Sunday posts are perfect! this morning with a strong coffee and now with a glass of wine, bliss! and oh my days the first frock is divine! x x x

  2. The top dress with the mint nails and the lilac hair in the bright and cheerful room would be amazing.

    Pigs are adorably cute. I had pet pigs when I was little.

    I always love your Sunday posts. Although I often save them for Monday to give me a bright start to the week.

  3. Oh I love that first dress! I would love to make something like that :)

  4. I love these posts so much great stuff here!! I love the idea of a book jar I might give that a go xx


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