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The 5000 Question Survey: Questions 1-25

A few years ago, I began blogging my way through a very large question survey on my Livejournal blog- solely for fun. (My Livejournal account was mostly just a space for myself to clear my head, and keep track of my Mission 101 progress). The survey was called The Five Thousand Question Survey, which is exactly as long as it sounds. I think I made it to three or four hundred before I eventually stopped using the account.

I began thinking about that survey last weekend right out of the blue, and thought perhaps I could turn it in to a new feature here at Polka Spots and Freckle Dots and blog my way through it. That's of course if you guys would be interested in seeing such posts on a regular basis, perhaps once a week? It would be a great way of getting to know me a little better, as the questions are about anything and everything; although I reserve the right to skip any questions I don't want to talk about. Please let me know what you think about this survey becoming a regular feature, and if anybody wants to give it a go themselves, please feel free to do so. You can find all the questions here.

Today I'm going to answer questions 1-25.

1. Who are you?

My name is Louise. I'm a twenty-eight year old English plus size fashion, style, beauty, and life style blogger.

2. What are the 3 most important things everyone should know about you?

I'm not sure that there's anything important that needs to be known; I'm really not that interesting. But let's think:

~ I'm quite a shy person, so I can be really socially awkward at times. However, once you get to know me well I usually come out of my shell, and when I do people realise I'm actually pretty vocal and a bit nuts!

~ I'm currently living with several disc injuries which have left me in constant pain for two years so far, and I'm battling to overcome them. This will explain the tone of many of my blog posts, if you're not familiar with my story, and is also the reason why my outfit posts are often a bit sporadic. My injuries are the main reason I started blogging.

~ I'm passionate about body positivity, and believe everybody should be respected no matter their shape or size. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and nobody should be told otherwise, or shamed for how they look.

3. When you aren't filling out 5,000 question surverys like this one, what are you doing?

Blogging, writing, reading, pinning inspiring images on Pinterest, reblogging images on Tumblr, listening to music, watching movies, shopping, going to physiotherapy and other hospital appointments, taking photos, editing photos, creating images, dressing up in dresses, painting my nails, playing with colourful eye make up, making plans for the future... The more mobile me also liked to go to a lot of concerts, travel, take day trips, go to the cinema, and bake.

4. List your classes in school from the ones you like the most to the ones you like the least (or if you are out of school, think of the classes you did like and didn't like at the time).

I left secondary school twelve years ago, but I used to enjoy art and music, and at times, history and geography. I hated maths, science, R.S., P.E., various Tech subjects, and key skills. I strongly remember hating biochemistry and microbiology, business studies, and ecology and conservation at college, but mostly enjoyed the other subjects,

5. What is your biggest goal this year?

I'm mainly just aspiring to work on my recovery; to regain more mobility, and to tolerate my pain better. I'd like to be strong enough to make it through a concert I have tickets for in December.

6. Where do you want to be in 5 years?

Happy, healthy, and back on my feet. Everything else would be a bonus.

7. What stage of life are you in right now?

The hiatus; the hurdle; the hardest part I've ever known, and will probably ever go through.

8. Are you more child-like or childish?

Childish! I like to be silly sometimes; it's fun!

9. What is the last thing you said out loud?

"Oh f***!" After spotting a flying insect I thought was a daddy long legs (which I'm petrified of) flying towards me.

10. What song comes closest to how you feel about life right now?

There are a few I can think of: Linkin Park's 'Waiting For the End', Ronan Keating's 'Life is a Rollercoaster', Michael Jackson's 'Smile', Bon Jovi's 'It's My Life', Alanis Morissette's 'Ironic' and Boyzone's 'Time' to name a few.

Linkin Park- Waiting For the End

"This is not the end, this is not the beginning..."

"'Cause we're living at the mercy of the pain and the fear, until we dead it, forget it let it all disappear..."

"Waiting for the end to come, wishing I had strength to stand, this is not what I had planned, It's out of my control..."

"All I want to do is trade this life for something new..."

"So I'm picking up the pieces now where to begin? The hardest part of ending is starting again."


"I'm a little bit older, a little wiser, I've gotta find my way outta here and start over..."

"Maybe time will be all that I need to grow, maybe time's all I need and a little hope, and I'll find my way back home. All I need is time..."

"Just give me time and I know I'll be right where I wanna be. And in time this will be just a memory..."

11. Have you ever taken martial arts classes?


12. Does your life tend to get better or worse or does it just stay the same?

I'd say life has been a mixture of the two, in all honesty. In the last decade, my depression went from bad to worse, I broke my wrist, developed whooping cough, caught swine flu, and then injured my back. However, since injuring my back, my mental health has improved hugely, and over the last three or four years I've had some fantastic experiences in life.

13. Does time really heal all wounds?

I believe that time can heal most wounds, but there are some wounds you could never recover from. As time passes we can learn to forgive and forget; our grief can ease as the weeks and months go by; we experience things which put past occurrences in to perspective... We're constantly evolving as individuals as each day passes, and life is too short not to let some things go.

14. How do you handle a rainy day?

I love rainy days! I know most people hate them, but I love the rain. I like to curl up with a good book or a movie and listen to the rain drumming on the windows. I find it comforting and cosy. I never let rain spoil my day. I just get on with it. I don't mind getting drenched. I've been known to go for walks in the rain without an umbrella (on purpose), and return to a hot bath; and even enjoyed getting soaked to the skin at an outdoor concert a few years ago. The rain was relentless for hours, and so heavy that my mobile lost it's life in the fray.

15. Which is worse... losing your luggage or having to sort out tangled holiday lights?

Losing my luggage. I'd be devastated if I lost my favourite clothes and accessories, and it would be a real inconvenience to lose it before the holiday had begun. I can live with tangled fairy lights; I'm persistent with tangled things.

16. How is your relationship with your parents? Will you miss them when they're gone?

We get along quite well, although there are times when we squabble, but I think that's a normal thing when you live under the same roof together. I will of course miss them when they're gone, even if they do drive me crazy at times.

17. Do you tend to be aware of what is going on around you?

Of course! Who wouldn't be aware of things going on around them?

18. What is the truest thing that you know?

Grass is green.

19. What did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a farmer or a zoo keeper. I actually did go on to study animal care at college, and gained some work experience in zoos and some practical work with farm animals, so I guess I was close to living the dream! I'd still like to be a zoo keeper today, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I'll be able to do manual work again in the future so I can pursue that field again.

20. Have you ever been given a second chance?

I like to think I was given a second chance at life when I injured my back. It freed me from a decade long rut and unhappiness, and has promised me a chance to start my life afresh when I reach recovery.

21. Are you more of a giver or a taker?

I'm definitely more of a giver. I take great pleasure in spoiling my friends and family with gifts, and put so much effort in to doing so. I have a lot of time for people. Though, I sometimes feel that I give more time and effort than others are willing to give to me.

22. Do you make your decisions with an open heart / mind?

I'm a person who over thinks almost everything, so as much as I try to make decisions with a open mind, I don't think it's something I always succeed in doing.

23. What is the most physically painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Without a shadow of a doubt that's herniating and tearing several discs. I've been in indescribable extreme pain every second of every day since it happened twenty four months ago. I've never known this kind of pain before.

24. What is the most emotionally painful thing that has ever happened to you?

Losing my maternal Grandad to lung cancer when I was just eleven was a pretty difficult time. It was the first time I'd experienced the death of a loved one, and although I was sheltered from the whole picture, it was upsetting to lose such a wonderful, kind and well-loved member of the family. And even harder to witness the affect it had on my Mum, Nana, and Aunties.

Living with depression for well over a decade hasn't been easy at times, either; neither was watching two family dogs lose their battles with cancer.

25. Who have you hugged today?

Nobody. Is it sad that I can't remember the last time I hugged someone?



  1. Oh wow this survey has some good questions, are you going to answer them all on here?
    I love Q+A posts like this x

    1. I will if everybody is interested in seeing them posts on a regular basis for a long time!

  2. Sending you virtual hugs! I might start doing this on my writing blog which I've just started. x x

    1. Thanks Leah! Oh you should! Make sure you send me a link if you do! xx

  3. You know, I'm gonna have to do this too! I can't resist questionnaires!!
    I hope one day (in the not too distant future) you make a full recovery because you come across as such a lovely, kind-hearted and decent person that truly deserves it xx

    1. You should definitely give it a go, Tiffany!
      Thanks for leaving me such a lovely message. You're so sweet to say that. I'm sure I'll make a full recovery one day, but in the mean time it's comments like this that are helping me through xx

  4. A million hugs for you :) I love rainy days too but I also love daddy long legs too xx

    1. Thanks for the million lovely hugs! How on earth can you like daddy long legs? They freak me out so much! xx


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