Thursday, 4 July 2013

Nothing But A Hound Dog?

Hey guys,

I have somebody I'd like you to meet...

This shy little chap poking his head coyly on to my blog wanted to say hello, You see he's adorable, and he knows it. He can also think of a few of you reading this who might fall in love with him and want to adopt his identical brothers and sisters.

You see, he's not any ordinary Daschund. He's a Daschund that's also a bag!

A Daschund who knows that accessorising is very important, so he chose this stylish floral collar to dress his little neck.

His Daschund wife is always at his right side. 

She is a fashionable lady who loves to wear florals, and likes to wear her labels proudly.

She never goes anywhere without a flower barrette to keep her ears our of her eyes.

And she likes to be noticed, so she always accessorises with a sophisticated bow tie collar; floral, of course.

Within their beautiful tan coats lies a dainty floral lined pocket. They've carved themselves a successful career as personal assistants, carrying my money, keys, and phone for me wherever I may go.

Of course, they would never dream of going for a walk without their matching adjustable floral lead, that I, their human, mostly use as a shoulder strap. They don't mind, though, as their little legs get tired much faster than us humans.

 She and her mister are from a lovely, informal, yet pretty suburb of Debenhams, in Britain known as Mantaray, which appeals to women, men, and children alike. They're known for their lovely casual wear.

Many of Mr and Mrs Daschund's siblings and friends are still up for adoption, and all enquiries can be reached here online, and possibly at your local Debenhams. Adoption fees were £22.50, but are currently just £18.00! I got a further 15% discount, reducing the final price to £15.30, by using code FL72 at the checkout. And they were worth every penny!

I couldn't be happier with my Daschund couple. They're adorable, and add some fun, humour, and quirkiness in to my life. Exactly how I like my life and style to be!



  1. ah this is such a cute little bag!

  2. So cute! Mantaray do some really nice things.

    1. I do love Mantaray's designs; some are a little casual for my taste, but they have a lot of beauties, too!

  3. Replies
    1. Rachel! You really do need to get your hands on this bag! I know it's perfect for you... shame you're on a spending ban!! xx

  4. love the way you have written this, made me smile.x

    1. Haha, thanks Becky! I think I have an odd sense of humour! x


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