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Heart Print Zatchels Barrel Bag Review

If you're a style blogger, or just have a passion for fashion, you may remember that back in April satchel manufacturer Zatchels threw a flash-sale to celebrate their second birthday.

The promotion was an irresistible fifty percent off all bags for one day only, and understandably, the demand was substantial. Customers flocked to the website desperate to buy an authentic hand made leather bag, and... the website crashed immediately. I spent two and a half hours (from the moment the clock struck midnight) hitting refresh while they worked to fix the issue, determined to make my purchase, and after a few more hiccups, my bag was bought and paid for at 2:45am.

Zatchels' customer service during the server crash was above and beyond. They kept everyone updated on Twitter and Facebook, and apologised profusely. They even extended the promotion for a further 24 hours as an apology for the inconvenience! In the weeks that followed, there were several emails keeping customers updated about time frames for receiving our bags, explaining about just how many orders they were dealing with and that their small team was working their socks off to fill them.

I knew from the beginning that the demand during such a generous promotion was going to be overwhelming, so I was patient as the weeks passed by. By week six, I started to lose that patience. I placed my order two and a half hours in to a forty-eight hour promotion, yet others were receiving their bags weeks before me. On week eight or nine, I found myself a little annoyed to see satchels in the print I was still waiting for in their Bicester Village pop up shop. On week ten, my bag finally arrived!

While I wasn't impressed with the length of time I had to wait for my bag, I certainly wasn't disappointed with my order. Just look at this beautiful bag! This is the red and white love hearts barrel bag, which retails for £50. I paid about £30 for the bag (including delivery) during the flash sale, which was an absolute bargain!

All Zatchels bags are made to order and are made by hand by a small team in the UK. Zatchels is a young brand, but their company has been making leather shoes and bags for many years by highly skilled manufacturers- and believe me, you can tell!

This barrel bag is a high quality accessory! The leather is so thick and sturdy; you only need run your hand over the fabric to feel the quality. It's so smooth, and the bag looks likely to keep it's shape.

The stitching is flawlessly neat, and it's clear there's little chance of any of it coming loose! The attention to detail really is fantastic, and it's obvious just how carefully crafted this bag was. The leather has been neatly cut and is perfectly straight, as is the buckle and strap.

I love the deep dark red of the bag, and think it fits in to my style so well. The heart print is lovely, and it's definitely very me.

The bag is fastened closed by a strap and buckle. It's great for keeping the contents of your bag secure, but a little inconvenient when you're paying for something, or are in a rush. It would be easier if there was a popper fastening, although I believe it wouldn't fit with the vintage style of the bag very well.

The inside of the bag is red, too!

It has enough room for all those essentials, and is quite roomy for a small day bag. I got my purse, phone, iPod, lip balm and keys in the other day with room to spare.

The fastening has four notches, which is handy if the bag becomes a little full. It will also be useful if a notch becomes a little worn as time goes on.

The bag comes with a long strap which can be worn across the body or on the shoulder. It has eight notches so it can be adjusted for your needs or length preference. I personally like my cross-body-bags long, and it could be a little longer... but, it is comfortable to use and still reasonably long.

The back of the bag is just as neat as the front.

Such a cute print!

This is it hanging on my full-length mirror on the shortest notch.

So, I honestly adore this bag, and the very long wait was worth it in the end! I really can't complain as I was able to buy a high-quality British custom and hand made leather bag for the price of a pleather bag on the high street. You can find the bag here, but of course, there are lots of other designs to choose from, too.

I have a feeling that this bag is going to last for decades without falling apart or ageing, and I would happily shop with Zatchels again. As luck would have it, today I won a classic red satchel, and I can't wait to receive it, and review that one, too!

Did you buy a Zatchels bag in the flash sale? What are your thoughts on the brand?


  1. What a beautiful bag! The wait was definately on the excessive side but then, good things come to those who wait! I'm too impatient however lol

    1. I have to say I did lose my patience after 6 weeks of waiting, but I can't find a fault in this bag. It's beautifully made, beautiful in general, and amazing quality! Not sure I'd want another 10 week wait, though! xx

  2. I'm glad it was worth the wait in the end. I decided to give the Zatchels sale a miss after the problems started, but it does look like a lovely bag.

    1. It was! I'm so pleased with it. It's a shame you didn't order anything in the end, but crashing websites are never fun to contend with, so I can understand that!

  3. It's bloody gorgeous! Perfect. x x

    1. I have to agree!! It's true love. Lol xx

  4. I love this bag it's sooo you. It will be perfect with your dresses xx

    1. I do, too! I think it will look great with the polka dot ones xx

  5. That is seriously adorable! xxx

    1. It is! It's one of the cutest bags I've seen or own in a long time. You need one!! xx


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