Saturday, 6 July 2013

Birthday Haul 2013

Earlier this week, I turned twenty-eight, and I can say with all honesty that I haven't quite got my head around that yet. That one additional year of life has turned my age in to two serious, ugly digits. I don't know why twenty-eight sounds so much older in my head than twenty-seven, but it does, and I'm finding it difficult to shake those thoughts of how little I've accomplished in my life. I only wish I was in a position to make up for lost time. I know I will do when the time is right, and in a day or two I'll probably have snapped myself out of this funk, but today I feel so old and unaccomplished.

Thankfully, I didn't feel this way on my birthday, even though it was a quiet, uneventful day spent in bed. I was hoping I'd feel up to pushing through a cinema trip or going out for dinner nearby, but it wasn't to be. I had a physiotherapy session the day before (the first in seven months), and I've been immobile from the extra pain ever since. Instead, I spent the day in bed watching movies, eating some tasty food, and being spoilt with some lovely presents. 

I didn't take many photos that day, but I thought you guys might like to see the ones I did capture, and the lovely presents I was spoilt with...

Some of my lovely birthday cards.

My mother gave me a birthday balloon!

I had the most delicious chocolate birthday cake which was decorated with chocolate stars. And for dinner, my little sister and I got an Indian takeaway. I had keema rice, a garlic keema naan, and samosas. I'd not had an Indian in over two years, so it was extra good. We sat watching Julie and Julia while we ate, which is one of the most feel-good films I've ever seen. It never fails to make me smile. If you haven't seen it, you must!

My best friend bought me this owl cross body bag from Accessorize, which I adore. She actually pestered me for suggestions until I eventually agreed to show her some things on my wish list. When I sent her links to a few animal-shaped bags, she replied with 'Now I know why you are my best mate- wonderfully weird and random.' I took it as a compliment! She's a mate in a million.

My parents bought me this Accessorize strawberry bag. I can't wait to use it! It has to be the most summery bag I've ever seen or owned.

They also got me a large box of Thorntons chocolates.

My younger sister got me some American chocolate. I may have already eaten a bar or two. 

My older sister and brother in law gave me this Per Una striped, polka dot, and bunting cardigan. I've wanted it since I saw it in store a couple of months ago; I think it's very me.

I also got some birthday money, which I've used towards some clothes...

I bought this black bow print pinafore dress from Dorothy Perkins. It was only £18.00, but I saved a few pounds with a few discount codes. (DPCARD10 gives an extra 10% off the total for card holders, and DPBDAY gives 15% off dresses.) It's a lovely casual dress that'll be perfect for wearing to my physio classes. I always feel over dressed at the hospital as I don't own many casual pieces. Everybody else turns up in t-shirts and tracksuit bottoms, and then there's me in a printed dress. Haha!

I also bought the navy heart print pinafore dress. I was initially lusting after this version from a far, but it turns out I prefer the black bow print version in real life. This one is still really cute, and will definitely get a lot of wear.

The third and last item from Dorothy Perkins I ordered was this red patterned skirt. It's knee length and made from a very light-weight chiffon fabric, so I imagine it will be perfect for a hot sunny day. It was on sale for  £12.00, but with discount codes I paid about £9.

These two frocks haven't arrived yet, but my parents have ordered the floral smock dress for me, and I bought the heart print number with birthday money. I hope they both fit! They're both currently on sale, and the heart print dress is a real bargain at just £15 (down from £50)!

In addition to everything shown above, I've ordered myself a little supply of Sally Hansen nail polishes from Fragrance Direct for next to nothing, and I'm contemplating buying a floral New Look maxi skirt.

I think it's fair to say I've been spoilt rotten this year!

Thank you to everyone who wished me a happy birthday on here, Twitter, Instagram, and elsewhere. All your messages really made me smile, and were greatly appreciated!


  1. You lucky thing. I love the owl bag x

    1. I am! The owl bag is perfect!

  2. Glad you had a great birthday it sounds fab :) love your presents xx

    1. I did; lovely but quiet. :) Thank you! xx

  3. Happy belated birthday! I love the owl and strawberry handbags. x x

    1. Thanks, Leah! You need to get your hands on both of these bags! xx

  4. faaabulous birthday haul! love it all - don't feel old and unaccomplished - you are enterprising and inspiring, you push yourself constantly and it is always a delight to visit you x

    1. Thanks, Maria! I've snapped out of that unaccomplished mood now, so don't you worry! Just birthday blues, I think. Aw, thank you so much. You're so lovely, and I love reading your messages :) xx


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