Monday, 3 December 2012

Pandora £250 Blogger Challenge

I was recently contacted by John Greed Jewellery and informed of a competition that they are currently holding. To enter, they ask you to create your dream Pandora bracelet for £250 or less from the selection available on the John Greed Jewellery website, blog about your entry, and then leave the link to it on their competition page. (If you want to take part, you can find the information here.) The winner will win their chosen creation, and five runners up will win 25% discount to use at

I've admired and wanted my own Pandora bracelet for several years now, so I couldn't pass up the chance to win my chosen bracelet. 

This is the bracelet I put together:

I started with a simple silver bracelet, not only because it gave me the freedom to spend more on charms to personalise it, but because I'm not really a fan of bling. The bracelet would give me the freedom to collect the gorgeous colourful and quirky beads which are much more my style.  I decided to follow a mostly green theme, as the colours are some of my favourite, and it's not a colour theme that is seen very often.

~I chose the Silver and Teal Enamel Butterfly Charm as the teal butterflies are beautiful, and remind me of my Sister's butterfly tattoo which we went to the tattoo parlour together to get done. I got the tattoo on my foot done that day.

~The Green Polka Dots Murano Glass Charm was selected for my love of polka dots, and for my blog!

~I picked the Green Shamrock Murano Glass Charm out for my life long love of a certain Irish band of whom I'm a dedicated fan.

~I had to add some stars to the bracelet in the form of the Black Stars Murano Glass Charm, as I have a thing about stars. (I have five stars tattooed on me, FYI).

~I'm not often the biggest fan of hearts, but I love the style and colour of the Silver Black Mother of Pearl Love Me Charm. The forest green is beautiful.

~And to finish, I went with the Silver Tyres Spacer Charm as I thought it was cute. I unfortunately then had no money left for two other charms I would have loved to include in this entry, but would collect if I won the bracelet.

Would you believe I managed to put this gorgeous piece of jewellery together for exactly £250, right on budget!

Keep your fingers crossed for me!


  1. Love your bracelet that butterfly charm is beautiful! If it came in pink I'd be in heaven! I also entered the competition :) Check out my entry?

    1. Thanks Joanne. I think I saw it in a burgundy colour, but I can't remember if I saw a pink one. It is so pretty, though! :)


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