Tuesday, 4 December 2012

My Christmas Wish List

With Christmas fast approaching, I've put together a list of some of the things I'd love to find under the tree this year... Well, a girl can dream...

I've been lusting over this cute bunny print dressing gown for months now. As a bunny owner for the last ten and a half years I'm sure you can understand why I love it. It turns out my older Sister had seen this in Dorothy Perkins and had been planning to get me it for Christmas! I think she knows me far too well. And while I was putting this post together, she ordered it for me! I can't wait to snuggle up in it.

I actually haven't got this, or another specific Lush box in mind, but I would love to find some of the Lush Christmas range under the tree this year. I've requested Lush for Christmas every year since my younger Sister worked for them several years ago. She doesn't work there anymore, but I still ask her for Lush goodies each December. And I'm always met with rolled eyes.

A classic tan satchel is a wardrobe staple, in my opinion, and this one ticks all the right boxes. What sold me was the feminine scalloped edging, as it gives it a more modern twist, while still retaining a classic feel. I'm dying to own this bag, and if I got my hands on it I would want to wear it with everything and hold on to it forever. 

Perhaps a little on the pricey side for four nail polishes, but all four shades of polish look so appealing! 

I was having a browse through ASOS's gift section on Sunday after noticing that they had up to 60% off a wide range of gift products, when I stumbled upon this Liquorish bag. I found myself practically salivating at the screen. It's so beautiful! It's a stunning shade of grey and is adorned with little skull studs, and has a detachable strap so it can be a clutch or a shoulder bag. Pretty and multi-functional; that's always a good thing. As it was on promotion, it was just £30.00, down from £68.00! Well, long story short, I convinced my Mum to buy me it for Christmas. I'm so excited!

This teal peacock print tee is gorgeous. It would look so pretty worn with the velvet cosmic skirt (#10). I need to own this somehow...it would work with so many pieces in my wardrobe.

After seeing this amazing woodland print peplum top on The Ramblings of Mrs Bebe's blog at the weekend, I scurried on over to ASOS to find it. I can't believe I had missed this one. It's got an adorable print of woodland creatures like deer, rabbits, squirrels and foxes all over it, and, well, you know me and animal motifs... I can never resist. I'm also in love with the shape. Better still, this one is only £20, and I want it so much! Please, Santa, I've been really good this year. *Flutters eyelashes*.

You're probably bored of hearing me go on about this knit dress, since I've wanted it since August, but I'm dying to own it! I've already got the dress in mustard, and it's really warm, so I want this one to wear on bitterly cold Winter days.

This Lulu Guinness poodle print umbrella is so retro and kitsch. Perfect for keeping fabulous fifties style dresses dry in the rain, and maybe dancing around a lamppost or two Singin in the Rain style.

I adore the velvet trend that usually makes an appearance every Autumn and Winter, but as I'm not keen on the texture of the fabric (it sends shivers down my spine), it's been a long time since I've worn it. However, I keep admiring velvet clothes from a far, and have fallen in love with this stunning cosmic skirt from New Look Inspire. Can you believe this skirt costs just £9.99?!! I may need to beat Santa to this one and just buy it myself come pay day.

Crown and Glory headbands are a familiar sight on fashion blogs, and I've coveted a few of the floral headbands for a while because they always look stunning on everyone that models them on their blogs. I like the smaller blooms, and the Not a Lotta Rosie is my favourite.

I'm still intending to attempt to make my own jewellery in 2013, and I think this book could be a good place to start.

I'd like to try more nail art, and the Nail Art Sourcebook is packed full of nail art inspiration. It isn't a tutorial type book, but there are dozens and dozens of images to be inspired by. I had a flick through this book in Debenhams, and I think I would manage to recreate a fair few of them without a step by step guide to guide me.

I've also heard that The Wah Nails Book of Nail Art is a great little book, so I would be happy to be given this one for Christmas.

And finally... The Vow! I'm a sucker for a good chick flick, and I still haven't got this one in my collection. Rachel McAdams is one of my favourite actresses; I mean, seriously, she's brilliant in everything, and anything with Channing Tatum in it is fine by me! Who wouldn't want Mr Tatum under their tree on Christmas morning?!

Are any of these things on your Christmas list?

What are you hoping to get this year?


  1. Love these I have the tatty Devine book it's really good xx

    1. Is that what you used to start making all your cute accessories? I really want to get it at some point xx

  2. you would rock a C&G headband, dooo it! :D xxx

    1. Aw thanks Hannah! I'm sure I'll buy it sooner or later. I'm a bit skint right now, though xx

  3. Hello! I popped over from Daisy and DM's illustration post! How sweet is she? You look lovely in that illustration (I adore polka-dots so I'll be hitting that follow button! It always makes me happy to find a lovely blog that shows me my favourite things along with a lovely personality!)
    I like many of the things on your wish-list, particularly that satchel and velvet skirt! Hope you receive them!
    Lovely to 'meet' you!

    1. I agree, Hannah is lovely. Aw thank you, but I think that's more down to Hannah's artist skills than anything. Aww you're so kind!
      I'm keeping my fingers crossed that I will!
      Nice to meet you, too! Thanks for leaving such a lovely message :)


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