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Beauty Review | Jemma Kidd Signature Shadows

I've been a make up junkie since my age reached double figures, but one thing I'm lacking is neutral eye shadows. I used to have a decent collection of neutrals, but after a disciplined clear out last year I was left with a modest selection of browns, none of which I feel are quite right for me.

To be quite honest, creating natural and smoky eye make up looks are not skills I excel in. I have few reservations when it comes to applying bold, colourful shadows and liners. I'll confidently try all the colours of the rainbow, and often try several colours together. Give me a palette of browns and greys and I'll be much more reluctant to start.

I guess it's because I haven't found the right shades yet. I have extremely pale skin, and earthy tones often make me look washed out, or ill. I never look or feel quite right wearing them, but I want to change that, so I've been keeping my eyes open for new palettes to try.

And I found this...

This is another of my recent ASOS bargain finds. It was originally £6.00, on promotion for £4.50, and with a discount code I believe I paid about £3.50. I've wanted to try the Jemma Kidd range for ages, so that was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Vogue // Vanity Fair // Aubergine Shimmer
Elle // Vintage // Backstage

The palette consists of six shadows in shades of brown, grey, and aubergine that can be used to shade and highlight. 

The selection of colours is great as they afford you the opportunity to create a range of different looks for day and night. A subtle, natural look could be created with the lighter shades for day, while a smoky eye can be built up with the darker shadows for night. An aubergine shadow has been included in the set to give a modern, on trend spin to a classic colour palette, and of course to keep your eye make up looks bang on trend, too!

The shadows are well pigmented, and can be built up for a bold look. Three of them are matte, and the other three pearl.They're also blendable, which is great for contouring the eye. I gave them a whirl yesterday and found that they glided on easily and lasted throughout the day- even after getting caught in a downpour, which is brilliant. They came off easily with a little cleanser.

The palette is slim but sturdy, with a very simple but sleek appearance. It's small and light enough to pop in your handbag or pocket for the day, and also comes with a double ended applicator to apply the make up with.

Top row: Vogue // Vanity Fair // Aubergine Shimmer
Bottom row: Elle // Vintage // Backstage

These are the swatches on the inside of my arm, which I took in natural daylight. I have very fair skin, as you can see, and I think all six shadows are wearable with my skin tone. I think these colours would probably suit most skin tones, too.

Overall, I'm very impressed with this little palette; it's so affordable and wearable- even for a colour junkie like me. I'd recommend snapping one up if you have some spare pennies after all that Christmas shopping!

I'm looking forward to trying some different looks with this palette.

Have you tried Jemma Kidd make up yet?

Do you prefer to wear neutral or colourful eye make up?


  1. I saw these and thought they were good value! I agree that I always had real trouble wearing brown eyeshadow until I got my Naked 2 palette, I never got the right shades and always looked ill. Yet somehow with the Naked 2 they all compliment my colouring. Weird right?! xxx

    1. They're an absolute bargain! I think brown can be so tricky to pull off, especially on pale skin. I've been asked if I was ill on days I wore brown eyeshadows in the past!! I really don't know where to start when it comes to neutrals. The Naked 2 palette looks perfect for all skin tones, like a miracle palette! I really want to get my hands on one! xx

  2. Great palette - I might get it from Asos as it is so cheap!

    1. Oh you should; I'd recommend it, especially for that price!


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