Saturday, 15 December 2012

For the Love of Satchels

I just had to quickly share with you a beautiful satchel which I'm head over heels in love with right now.

A mint coloured scalloped ASOS satchel, to be more specific...

Would you look at this little beauty? Isn't it gorgeous?!

It's been on my wish list for a couple of weeks now, and I've barely been able to stop thinking about it. Do you ever become so besotted with something that it doesn't leave you thoughts until you're able to buy it, or am I the only one who obsesses over material things from time to time?

When I first saw this one, my first thought was 'it'll go perfectly with my yellow polka dot dress in the Summer'. I know Summer is six months away here in England (if we're lucky!), but that is the first thought that entered my head. Nothing like a bit of forward planning...

Of course, I will also find ways to work this bag in to the cold months, too. I have a few outfits in mind already.

Well, a couple of days ago, I was given a little Christmas money from my Grandad, and with the help of a discount code, I was able scurry on over to ASOS to buy it! I'm so excited, and can't wait for it to be delivered. I don't really own many bags in pastel shades, and don't have any satchels in such colours, which are my favourite style of bag, so I'm really looking forward to owning it.

The bag comes in a couple of other shades, and there are a few in a similar style without the scalloped edging, too, but this one is my personal favourite. It was just £28, and I used discount code TWSAVVYSUN3, which took 20% off the total price! 

Not bad for a beautiful piece of arm candy!


  1. Oh my GOD that is perfect. I think I need to get it!

    1. You must buy it!! It's too gorgeous not to!

  2. Replies
    1. It really is! I can't wait for it to get here! xx

  3. You are satchel obsessed lol glad you got your hands on it for a bargain price too xx

    1. What gave it away?! Haha. I LOVE them. I've got nothing like this one, though, so I think it's money well spent. I'm always happy to get a bargain! xx

  4. I. Love. Satchels. They are so classic and perfect. I've been thinking about getting a big one from Cambridge Satchel Co. This mint one is so pretty though!

    I'm following you!
    -Sara, Road to the Heart

    1. I completely agree! I adore them. Go for that Cambridge satchel! They're gorgeous and will last a life time. I'd love to own one of them, too! Thanks for the follow :)


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