Wednesday, 26 December 2012

A Merry Little Christmas Haul

Merry Boxing Day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Was Santa kind to you this year?

I think somebody didn't have time to check that list twice this Christmas as I've been spoilt rotten. I've put together a little haul post to show you all the lovely things I was given yesterday...

I was given this stunning quilted studded bag by my parents, although I asked for it for Christmas. It's by Liquorish and came from ASOS. The bag is like a giant version of a classic clasp purse, and has little skull studs all across it, with rhinestones along the top. The coolest part is it has two different straps with it; one's a shoulder strap, and the other turns it in to a clutch! I love that feature immensely! Isn't it gorgeous?

These little skulls are studded all across the front.

They also gave me The Nail Art Sourcebook, which is a book I've wanted for a while. It's packed full of nail art inspiration. It's not a tutorial book, as such, but there are hundreds of nail art photos to get ideas from.

My main present from my parents is this Polaroid 19" HD ready TV, which has built in freeview and a DVD player! I'm so excited to have a modern TV for my bedroom, as I've had my old boxy video-combi for thirteen or fourteen years! I didn't know Polaroid made anything other than cameras, but it's a great little TV. And yes, I was watching Enchanted!

I got a box of chocolates from a relative, and my parents bought me the four edible things at the front. They've given us all a chocolate orange and a tube of Pringles at Christmas for as long as I can remember.

They also gave me a cute Eeyore mug, a tiny elephant purse, and a compact mirror with a lady bird on it!

My Mum also made me this amazing cherry cross stitch brooch! I didn't know she knew how to make things like this, so I'll need to steal her little book of patterns to learn how to make them myself! She whipped this up yesterday afternoon when everyone was relaxing after Christmas dinner.

My little Sister gave me lots of Lush products. She gave me a Melting Snowman (he lost his carrot nose), and a Bubble Beard bath ballistic; an orange pack of Fun (I think it can be used for everything from bath foam to shampoo); a slab of Snowcake, and a piece of Northern Lights shampoo; and last but by no means least, the most exciting... a Fantasy Eye Liner!! 

Some of you may remember how much I've wanted this eyeliner since the Emotional Brilliance make up range was launched in Lush back in Autumn. I was obsessed with their Sister company Bnevertoobusytobebeautiful's make up, but they went in to administration a couple of years ago (devastated!). Lush's make up is exactly the same, just in new packaging with a new name.  Unfortunately I can't afford to treat myself to luxury make up often these days, so I've had to long for this from a far. I was so excited to be given it! The liner is a striking highly pigmented gold and I wore it for our Christmas dinner yesterday.

Would you look at that vibrancy! It's amazing!

My older Sister gave me this super soft bunny print Dorothy Perkins dressing gown, which has been on my wish list all winter as I love rabbits! My Sister didn't actually know I wanted it, but because she knows me so well, she thought it was the perfect present for me! It's so cute and so cosy!

She also gave me a set of Ruby Hammer nail polishes. I've never used anything from this brand before, but the colours look amazing. The camera hasn't picked up the colours correctly, but you get the idea. I'm looking forward to trying out some new looks with these.

My lovely close friend Ros, gave me a gorgeous pink Argento friendship bracelet, which is made up of tiny hearts, and some Irish Dairy Milk chocolates. Irish Cadbury's is different and much richer than UK Cadbury's, as I discovered on one of our Dublin trips together, so not only did these make my day, but they also made me remember the good times we had in Dublin together. I'm really made up with these little gifts. The sentimental ones are always the ones I cherish most.

If you're ever in Ireland, make sure to try the Mint Crisp!

How lovely is this little bracelet? I've not taken it off since Christmas afternoon. Ros told me she's also got one, and gave another to our other close friend, Jacky, so it really means something to me :).

You might remember my sentimental post on Natural Collection products, after I ordered some for one of my Sisters for Christmas? Well, would you believe, I got a little set of the Mango and Papaya goodies in a pretty cosmetic case! I've not used this brand's products since the nineties! What are the odds of that? I was so excited when I unwrapped these. Day made!

I got a couple of random things from my Aunties, a bracelet, necklace, and pen. The bracelet is actually quite cute. I love the iridescent colours.

And here are the two bracelets shown together.

And with a little Christmas money from my Grandad, and a scratch card win, I bought myself the green scalloped satchel from ASOS. It's beautiful! It's a little lighter than it looks in this photo; it's a dark mint green, and it's so pretty. It shall definitely be getting regular use for years to come.

My best friend has also ordered one of the jewellery holders I wanted from ASOS, but that won't be here for a couple of days. I can't wait to receive it, as the others I bought myself look so pretty on my dressing table! Look out for a dressing table post, coming soon!

What did you get for Christmas?

Did you get any of the same presents as me?

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your Boxing Day and the rest of the week's festivities. I'll be bringing you my Christmas OOTD tomorrow.


  1. What lovely things :) you are very lucky I have been too. I had a great day I hope yours was just as fab xx

    1. I've been very lucky this year! Glad you had a fab Christmas and got spoilt too. xx

  2. You lucky thing, what a lovely haul of presents! Really love that satchel and I'm so glad you finally got Fantasy haha! xxx

    1. I did well! I'm in love with the satchel; it's so pretty! I think I was most excited when I saw the eyeliner! I've wanted it for months and it's so amazing! Just like one of the old B ones I used to love :) xx


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