Sunday, 18 November 2012

Sunday Inspiration

I've got a jam packed post of inspiration for you this evening. Enjoy!

Dita always look so effortlessly stylish. No fair!

Rockabilly styled bandeau dresses. I'm quite taken with the yellow ensemble, and both of the ladies' hair styles, even though they're lower cut than I'm usually comfortable with.

A vintage rockabilly wedding. How beautiful is this dress? I've never actually given 'my perfect wedding dress' much, if any thought, but I've fallen in love with this beauty. I think a classic fifties style will be considered if I ever find a man stupid enough to marry me.  Considering I feel best in fifties shapes, it just makes sense.

Another stunning rockabilly frock. Polka dots and nautical always gets the thumbs up from me.

Ahh, so many pretty colours in one outfit... I want!

There's nothing I don't love about this outfit. Amazing skirt, pretty cardigan, and cute sweater clips. The colours work so well together. I don't have anything baby pink in my wardrobe, but I'm now wishing I did so I could recreate the colour scheme. I wish I had her wardrobe!

Oh how I long for that gorgeous skirt! Did I post this before? I'm not sure, but I don't care. I just adore this skirt!

I'm not ordinarily a fan of insects, but I do love the print of this mint dress. Well, you know me; give me a quirky pattern and I'm all over it like a kid in a sweet shop.

Just when I think I couldn't love Lulu Guinness lip clutches more, I come across a sneak peek of their S/S13 collection... I'll take one in every colour, please! And perhaps two or three extra in berry, just in case.

Stunning eye make up! One to try, for sure.

Cute polka dot heart nails I will have to try soon.

This adorable deer necklace led me to a fantastic Etsy shop filled with wonderful accessories (the source will lead you there). I want to buy them all.

I'm so nosey and enjoy seeing how other girls organise their wardrobes and dressing tables. This display has so many great accessories on it putting mine to shame!


Glittery shoes... *contented sigh*

Some stunning pairs of shoes to drool over...

An upcycled bookcase modified to display lots of wonderful pairs of shoes...

A heavenly crafting/vanity area. 

Why have I never considered tying lace to balloons instead of ribbon or string? It's such a simple adaption, yet they look so pretty and chic; perfect for sophisticated gatherings! I shall be doing this in the future!

Chalkboard mugs... surely an easy way to stop people asking that inevitable question while you've got your nose in a book? And let's face it, they're awesome, too!

Now this is true talent!

Chickens... in jumpers? Now I've really seen everything!

I've no idea why there are penguins in what appears to be a plane cabin... but... penguins! 

One of life's inevitable conversations! Nothing like the relief of getting home after a long day and freeing yourself from an uncomfortable bra. Who's with me on that one?

This used to be an accurate portrayal of my relationship with my wardrobe.

Nobody ever says such a thing.

I agree. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. Sadly, attached to this image on Tumblr were a load of Facebook comments from ignorant people saying 'no'. One girl wondered why the fat girl was wearing a bikini, whilst the slender girl in the centre with the ''best bikini body of them all'' was covered up in a one piece. One man commented with ''fuck that if your fat go fucking kill yourself.'' (Quite frankly he should be more concerned about his terrible grammar, spelling, and punctuation). 

It's only a drawing, so why does a sketch of a fat girl in a bikini provoke such responses? Why is the idea of every size being beautiful so ridiculous and unimaginable for some people to comprehend? Size does not equal a person's beauty, value or worth. I wonder if they ever stop to think that there's a person with feelings beyond the shell they judge. I wonder if the person who suggested fat people should go kill themselves even stopped to consider that his comment could have had a damaging effect on somebody struggling with low self-esteem due to years of comments like his. I'm thinking not. I wish people could look past their ignorant little noses, and think for themselves. Away from peer pressure, and what society has taught them about what's beautiful, and actually make their own opinions and conclusions. Everybody is beautiful in their own way no matter their size or shape. Don't let narrow minded idiots make you feel like you're not.

The image is perfect, those comments were not.

It really is. Don't waste your life hating yourself.

I won't lie, living with disc injuries is far from a dream.

... but I also don't see the point in letting my injuries suffocate me in negativity 24/7. I have no intention of giving up the fight, or letting the negative moods win.

This is so true. I honestly don't know where the last ten years have gone. I have so little to show for them. Thank goodness my injuries have given me the wake up call I needed.


The above has always been a real pet hate of mine. Gay is not a synonym for stupid, kids.


  1. Omg that etsy shop I want everything too! Thanks for bringing it to my attention xx

    1. I actually thought of you when I came across it! I want everything, too. Just need some money, first! xx

  2. ohhh those glittery shoes are so thoroughly lust-worthy! :O and that e-card about the sentimental relationship with clothes you never wear is so thoroughly true haha xxx

    1. Aren't they?! They're so pretty. Haha, yeah, it is. I've always had a problem with letting go of clothes I never wear. I'm sure we're not the only ones! xx


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