Monday, 26 November 2012

Christmas Gift Ideas: Slippers

Slippers are one of those gifts that most of us find under the Christmas tree at one time or another. I personally can't recall a single Christmas without one member of my family receiving a new pair.

They may seem like a boring gift, but with so many gorgeous cosy slippers to choose from nowadays, they don't have to be. In fact, a new pair of slippers are often welcomed as they bring some much needed TLC to those tired feet after a hectic month of Christmas parties and chaotic shopping trips.

Here are some of my best picks from the British high street. All of these shoes are purse friendly at £20 or less.

Boot Slippers

Boot style slippers are my favourites to wear. They're so warm, cosy, and comfortable, and they never slip off my feet.

I own a pair of Accessorize's and Joules' slipper boots from previous seasons, and I find both brands to be comfortable and accommodating to my curvy legs. In fact, the Joules boots have enough stretch to fit legs larger than mine, too. These slippers make great Christmas presents, especially for teenagers and twenty-somethings. We stocked the Joules ones at work and they always sold like hot cakes. Joules also sell similar slipper boots for children, too.

Mules, Booties, and Pumps

12. Accessorize Autumn fairisle mule £16.00

Slipper boots aren't to everybody's taste, so of course there are plenty of other styles to choose from such as mules, ankle boots, and ballet slippers.

I bought the Accessorize mules (#12) to give to my Mum this Christmas, although I would have loved a pair myself. I'm also quite taken with slippers number 9- they look so comfortable and the pattern is amazing. The French Ermine slippers are so chic, and they also come in several other colours with different French words emblazoned over the toes.

Whether you're buying slippers for a friend or relative, or just treating yourself, all twelve pairs would be perfect for curling up on Christmas evening  with a festive film, some nibbles, and a glass or two of something bubbly.

Which pair is your favourite?

Do you buy slippers for Christmas gifts?

And would you be disappointed to receive a pair this Christmas?


  1. Love them!:) Praying for someone to give me one of these. It's just too cold not to long for a pair.
    Diana from

    1. A good pair of slippers are the best winter comfort! Fingers crossed santa is kind to you this year!

  2. I always have cold feets and I love so much this kind of sleepers!!

    Love, Ylenia from Longuette

    1. The Joules and Accessorize boots are perfect for keeping those feet warm. I can't live without them in Winter!

  3. Replies
    1. Well I don't know about the others, but the Joules and Accessorize boots really are! Love cosy feet in Winter! xx

  4. I love the slippers that look like little booties. So adorable. <3


    1. They are, aren't they?! Would love to get my hands on a pair :)

  5. I have actually asked for slippers for xmas as it is something easy for my mum to buy me as i havent asked for much!! I love the booty ones they are so warm and cosy :)

    1. I love getting new slippers at Christmas. Booties are the most cosy slippers there are! Especially the Joules ones. :)


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