Friday, 16 November 2012

Beauty Advent Calendars

With just two weeks until December, and just over five until Christmas, my thoughts are firmly focused on preparing for the festive season. Some may say it's a little early to be thinking about Christmas, but it's never too early to start preparing.

I'm not sure about you, but when I was growing up, we always counted down the days of advent with an advent calendar- usually one with festive shaped chocolates behind each window. They weren't the most sophisticated of calendars, but thankfully these days advent calendars have come a long way, and beauty companies have started doing their own take on the tradition. 

Yes, that's right, there are beauty advent calendars in existence with a different beauty product behind each of the 24 doors!
My favourite find is the Ciate Mini Mani Month nail polish calendar. Behind every door is a mini nail polish waiting to be discovered. There are seventeen mini paint pots, four mini caviar blends, and three exclusive glitter polishes to keep your nails looking pretty throughout advent. It costs £38, which is a little pricey, but if you think this costs the price of just four of their polishes it's not bad at all, and perfect for a pre Christmas treat! Oh, and if you sign up to Ciate's newsletter you get 10% off your first order! I love nail polishes and Ciate, so I really hope to get my hands on one.

The You Beauty Advent Calendar contains a range of beauty products from top name brands,including Benefit and L'Occitane. This one retails for £59.95, although the products together are worth £210, so this one sounds like fantastic value.

Now if you love your luxurious big name beauty products, this beauty advent calendar from Selfridges may be the one for you. It contains a selection of skincare, make up, and fragrance products from luxury brands such as Lancome, YSL, Kiehls, Armani, and more. This one comes in at £82.00, which is a bit of an investment but it's a fun way of trying out some beauty products you might have always wanted to try but never dared to invest in because of the price.
The Liz Earle 24 Days of Christmas calendar has a beautifying botanical treat for every day of the festive season. Behind each number is a mini skincare, bodycare, haircare or fragrance to pamper you through advent and beyond. At £100 this set isn't for all of us, including myself sadly, but it would be great to indulge in if your budget allows because the range of products sound amazing.

I'm sure there are probably a few others out there, but these are the beauty advent calendars I'm aware of.

Which one would you go for?

Would you try a beauty advent calendar, or do you prefer more traditional ways to count down to Christmas?


  1. I don't have an advent calendar choc or other wise I haven't had one since I was about 10 I'm not very Christmassy bah humbug lol. I have been know to buy a calendar after Xmas and eat all the choc in one go! Xx

    1. Not Christmassy? OMG! I'm such a Christmas person. I've not had an advent calendar for years either. Haha one piece a day is never enough!! xx

  2. Ooh I'd much rather one of these over a chocolate calendar any day!

    I'd be torn between the Liz Earle and Selfridges calendar xx

    1. Me too! They all look fantastic xx


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