Wednesday, 7 November 2012

A Wednesday Wish List Which May Never Be Anything More

With less than seven weeks to go until Christmas, I'm technically keeping all personal purchases to a minimum until I've finished my Christmas shopping. I also have to scout out gifts for four family birthdays which fall between the end of November and Christmas Day, all on a very tight budget so I've had to ban myself from treating myself.

 However, since I have to do all my gift buying online, it's pretty much impossible to avoid my favourite websites, and through window shopping I've seen lots of lovely things I would love to own. I've put together a wish list, but I fear most of these things will never be anything more than a wish unless they're still available in the new year. It doesn't hurt to dream, though, right?

This jumper has lots of pretty lace hearts all over it. It's not often that I see heart print patterned anything that isn't sickly girlie, so this one makes a refreshing change. It would look great with jeans for a relaxed but smart look.

I'm loving the motif jumpers which are everywhere this season, in particular anything with a fox motif. This one is adorable, and I'm needing it so badly!

I came across this tea dress on the weekend, and my eye was drawn to the lovely floral pattern, and the awesome collar. It got bonus points for having sleeves! Why is it so hard to find nice dresses with sleeves? Even in Autumn and Winter! Not everyone wants to flash their arms, nor do we all want to ruin the look with a cardigan. I hope this makes it in to my wardrobe eventually.

4. Evans 70 denier tights- teal, purple, berry £6.00

I bought some of these tights last A/W, and I love them. The colours are really fun, and they're very hard-wearing. I'd love to stock up on some fresh pairs to add some colour to the grey Winter days.

I can't afford to invest in a new coat this year, although there's really not much point since I rarely leave the house, anyway, but, I adore this coat. The mauve-grey colour is so unusual, and I like the texture of the fabric. It's quite a long coat (about knee length), and would go great with my dresses (and everything else)! The belt and collar details are nice touches, too.

I'm still lusting after this paisley number I shared with you on the weekend. It's. Just. So. Pretty.

I'm completely head over heels in love with these PJs! I grew up watching Labyrinth all the time; my Sisters and I were obsessed with that film, and I still love watching it now. It's definitely one of the best films from my childhood, and I think my eyes almost popped out of my head when I stumbled up on these when browsing for present ideas. Amazing. I wonder if these would fit me...

Now, this jumper is unlikely to ever fit me, but it's amazing! Oxblood red, and studs with a nineties grunge edge... be still my beating heart. I'm not one to bare my midriff (it's not for me), but I'd love to wear something like this over dresses, or high-waisted skirts with a camisole underneath. <3

This chunky knit cardigan looks so warm and comfortable- great for slobbing about in!

This dressing gown has bunnies on it! And, I'm a crazy bunny lady, so I just have to have this robe to keep me warm on cold mornings. I love how bunny motifs are popping up a lot at the minute.

I need this bag NOW! I think I clearly have a stud embellishment problem! This bag is beautiful. One for the Christmas list, I think.

And how gorgeous is this studded vanity case? I don't know what I'd store in it or where I'd take it, I just know I must have it.

I'm unlikely to be fit for heading off on a globe trekking adventure anytime in the foreseeable future, but I think this suitcase is amazing. It looks so sophisticated.

The detail to this stunning collar is so intricate, and it would make any top or dress look instantly elegant. It has such a Victoriana feel to it.

This collar is also pretty, although far girlier than the former. I like how it's covered in faux pearls. And the angora/lambswool blend would hopefully mean that it's tactile, well made, and luxurious.

Okay, I don't need another make up bag, but I think this one is aesthetically pleasing.

I have a soft spot for satchels and River Island bags in general. and this small red bag is beautiful. It looks quite retro, and the colour is so classic it could be used year after year.

I've seen a lot of bloggers wearing Crown and Glory headbands over the last weeks and months. I've not jumped on the bandwagon yet, but I can't deny how taken I am with them. This red rose one in particular is gorgeous, although I'm not sure how well it would work with my hair colour.

I'm currently enjoying trying out nail art designs on myself, and am looking to expand my tools and nail pen colours so I can give lots of other designs a shot. I think I may take advantage of Topshop's current free delivery offer (which rarely ever happens!), and allow myself these tools come pay day.

Which pieces are your favourites?

Have you replaced buying personal treats for Christmas shopping yet?


  1. I'm dying over number 2! I try to stay away from clothes websites to stop temptation I'd end up buying everything xx

    1. I know, it's so cute! It's difficult to keep away when searching for things for lots of women! It's torture! xx

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Becky. I would have loved to have taken advantage of that promo, but I couldn't justify treating myself before Christmas x

  3. your sense of style feels so right for me

  4. Hello Louise, everytime I visit Nita I see your comments, so I came to visit today, and here I am following you and your blog.
    Have a lovely weekend.

    1. Aw thank you so much for stopping by, following me, and leaving me a lovely message. Sounds like we both share a love of Ms. Pashteit's style! I hope you have a lovely Sunday, too xx

  5. whhaaaaaat! 7 weeks!!! i really didn't see that - love what you picked - i think santa could get me the beaded collar x

    1. Crazy isn't it! Thanks Maria. Santa should bring you the collar! You'd best be on your best behaviour til Christmas, haha!


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