Saturday, 24 November 2012

A Love Affair With a Scalloped Satchel

A little earlier this evening, I was browsing ASOS for Christmas present inspiration, when I came across this beautiful leather satchel
I immediately found myself making goo-goo eyes at it from across the computer screen, and little sighs of contentment were audible over the sound of the music which serenaded us...

You would assume I'm joking, but this is only a slight exaggeration! It's true love!

Satchels are one of my favourite styles of bag. They're a classic wardrobe staple, which work with almost every outfit, and can be brought out year after year. They're practical and in my opinion, aesthetically pleasing, too. I love how ASOS have given a classic tan satchel a new spin by adding scalloped edging to the design. It softens the masculine style of the ordinary satchel, and gives it quite a bohemian appearance, too.

This satchel is the perfect size for a day bag; not too big, and not too small. It would be perfect for work, day trips, and shopping, for example. It has a removable shoulder strap so could be worn on the shoulder, across the body, or just held in the hand, and there are even a couple of inner pockets to keep your belongings organised. It's also real leather, although as long as the quality is good, I don't care if it's leather or pleather. In fact, as an animal lover, I'd rather buy faux.

It's currently on offer for £42, down from £60 which is an incredible bargain. I can't afford to buy it yet, but rest assured if my bank balance would allow me to, I would have ordered it hours ago. There's just something about a tan bag that sends my heart all aflutter. I think this one is going right up the top of the wish list and I'm praying it'll be available after Christmas.

You can find the satchel here.


  1. Love this bag! Im a big fan of satchels myself and recently got one in the sale in H&M for £10! I was so chuffed! Although its not real leather like this one so probably won't last me as long but for £10 who cares :)

    1. Ooh that's a great bargain! I'm sure it will last a few years; I've got plenty of faux leather bags that have lasted a decade so far!

  2. i am ashamed! i haven't even started christmas shopping hehe! i do love a satchel though - it shows i really shouldn't throw things away (although my daughters have insisted i keep everything now!)xx

    1. I'd be panicking if I hadn't started my shopping yet! Brave lady! Until a year or two ago I bought so frivolously that I didn't hold on to a lot of what I bought more than a year (apart from bags, I keep those), but now I love the idea of keeping some things for when they come back in style again. They always come back around xx

  3. OMG i need this in my life, I hope stays on offer until pay day!!x


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