Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Wish List Wednesday

It's Wednesday, which means it's time for my weekly wish list. My Wednesday wish list, if you will.

I'm quite the magpie, and have my eye on so many things at any given time, but of course I'd never be able to afford them all. I also spend far less on fashion and beauty in the Autumn and early Winter months as Christmas shopping becomes the priority. (I can't believe my mind is turning towards Christmas already, but I'll have to start shopping early this year to afford it). So I will never be able to buy everything on my weekly wish lists, but it doesn't hurt to dream and admire pretty things, does it?

Clothes, Shoes, and Accessories

I've been gazing longingly at Dr Martens more so than usual over the last week. At £90 they're out of my current budget, but I've wanted a pair since I was little. This pair would work perfectly with my wardrobe.
I came across this little set last night and have fallen in love with it. As a little girl, I wasn't obsessed with ponies, I loved foxes! And I still do. I think The Animals of Farthing Wood had something to do with it. I think I'll be adding these to my collection soon; at just £8 it would be rude not to!
3. Matalan Fine Gauge Vneck Cardigan in purple and cream.
Investing in some new knitwear for Autumn is still my main priority, and Matalan has some perfect inexpensive staples right now. These cardigans are just £12 each, and will be perfect for layering over dresses and jeans when the temperatures drop.
I'm always searching for the perfect biker jacket, which I've yet to find, but I love the simplicity of this cropped one. It also doesn't look cheap, like many faux leather jackets do. Not bad for £49.
Reasons I love this dress: the beautiful colour, the beautiful shape, it has sleeves(!), the mix of textures, and the peter pan collar! In short, this dress is beautiful. It would be lovely to wear during A/W and perfect for a Christmas get together... though I'm now wondering if I could pull this colour off with my red hair.

Clearly they're another Converse knock-off, but they're a good one, and my polka dot loving self has fallen in love with the colour and print. They're only £24 and I could see myself wearing these to death until they fall apart. I also love the Velvet Spot Plimsolls £28 (8), and the Victoria Rose Plimsolls £24 (9).
7. Matalan Round Neck Cardigan in Black, Purple, and Orange.
After the success of the cobalt blue version of these cardigans, I've decided I need to buy it in every colour because they're so soft, nicely fitting, and good quality for just £10. When I find a style that works for me, I tend to buy it in all colours because I know I will wear it time and time again in a number of different ways. And since I just returned two cardigans, I can use the refund money to snap all three up- yay! 
Military is one of my favourite recurring trends. It always brings the prospect of some beautiful new coats and jackets, with lots of buttons and/or embellishments. This particular coat would be perfect for toughening up a pretty tea dress. I personally love the shape, and the belted waist is perfect for defining our womanly curves.
Make Up and Skin Care
I have nothing bad to say about Burt's Bees products. They're made from natural ingredients, and are never tested on animals, and after discovering the range a few years ago, I've never looked back. This peppermint foot cream revives dry feet like a dream, and absorbs quickly. I'm almost out, so considering restocking.
This is one of the best body lotions I've ever used. It absorbs quickly in to the skin and always leaves me with the softest skin I've ever known. The scent isn't too over-powering and reminds me a little of almonds.
This is a warming cleanser which has an amazing citrus scent. You massage the cleanser in to the skin, and then rinse it off much like you'd do with an exfoliater. I've been craving a new tube of this for ages.
I bought this highlighter for my Sister this week, and I have to say I'm a little jealous and want it for myself!
This face mask is designed to target break outs, and although I don't often get spots, I love using this mask. It smells like peppermint and is great for a deep cleanse- my skin always feels fresh and revived after using it. My skin's in need of some TLC right now so this is high on my wish list.
Because it looks amazing!
I've still got my sights on this vibrant gold eye liner.
8. Inglot Freedom System Eye Shadows
You all know how much I love my Inglot eye make up, and recently I've been tempted to invest in some new shades. They've launched some new colours for Summer, and I'm actually loving all the shades shown on their website banners. I'll take one of each, please!
And a Few Random Things
The visual merchandiser in me loves to find ways to display and organise things, and right now I want to sort out my dressing table...
And after seeing these wall mounted racks on Georgina's blog Cupcakes's Clothes yesterday, I'm considering buying one or two to display my nail polishes in.
Have you got your eye on any of these things?




  1. I don't even have wall space in my dressing room for one of these but I think they are really cool xx

    1. I'm sure you'd find a spot for one somewhere! I need to beautify my dressing table, and it seems like a good way to get me wearing different nail colours instead of returning to the same few xx

  2. Love the rack for nail varnish I always find mine lying about everywhere. Great picks too, I love that ASOS red dress and the DP leather jacket. xx

    1. Mine are in a drawer at the moment, so I end up forgetting about most colours and stick to the same few. Thanks! I really love the red dress; hopefully I'll pick it up soon! xx


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