Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Wish List Wednesday

Hey guys,

Well, it's time for another Wednesday Wish List, and this week my mind has been occupied with thoughts of knitwear. There are so many lovely dresses and accessories I have my eye on, but my sensible head has been thinking ahead to the fast approaching new season, so need is being placed ahead of want for the time being.

I've been thinking of ways to take my existing wardrobe in to Autumn/Winter without having to spend a fortune on a whole new wardrobe- because I just don't have the money to do that this year. And the easiest way to do that is with knitwear.

I love knitwear; especially cardigans. I wear a piece with almost every outfit all year round. They're just so versatile. They offer warmth when it's chilly but not cold enough for a coat, and they cover up the dreaded upper arms. There are so many different styles and fabrics to choose from, and a rainbow of colours to suit most tastes and trends. And it's so easy to update a boring basic and make it look more expensive with a new set of buttons bought from a haberdasher. (It can make such a difference, trust me)!

I've bought four this week so far, which will be coming to OOTD posts soon! For now, these are the knits I have my eye on...


L: How cute is this cropped jumper? I love the pattern and think it would look great with a skirt (with a vest underneath), or with a pair of jeans- especially high-waisted designs.

M: I really love the vibrant mix of orange and pink. The buttons and texture are cute, too.

R: I ordered this cardigan in the sale because I liked the buttons and design. And I also loved how the mint version looked on Nita in her outfit posts. It arrived today and it swamps me, so I'm not sure whether to re-order a smaller size or not.


I bought myself one of these crew neck cardigans this week in cobalt blue. It came today, and it's one of the nicest cardigans I've ever owned. The fabric is super soft and the colour is vibrant, and the mother of pearl buttons on the cuffs and fastenings give a more expensive, well made feel. It also has a lovely fit. I now want to buy all the other colours, especially the deep purple in the centre. At just £10 each these are such a bargain. Perfect for wearing all year round.

Dorothy Perkins

My eyes were drawn to the textures of the two coral cardigans, and the lovely deep purple and teal of the boyfriend cardigans. I do love a good Autumn hue. The boyfriend cardigans aren't really anything special when it comes to basic cardigans, but the price isn't too bad at just under £20.

Again, I love this shade of teal. These look perfect for wearing over jeggings or jeans to keep cosy on a frosty Winter's day walk or outing.

Forever 21

I still haven't made a purchase with Forever 21, but there are always some lovely pieces for bargain prices on their website. These three cardigans would be great for layering all year round.

New Look

Love them or hate them, you can't deny chunky knit boyfriend cardigans look ridiculously cosy. I often wear chunky knits as coats from Autumn to Spring; I can just imagine myself wandering around the high street in one of these cardis paired with jeggings, with a hot chocolate in hand this Autumn. I want them all!

 I think the picture of the green cardigan isn't a very good image, but after scrutinising it for a while with the zoom button I saw it's potential and bought it yesterday while the free delivery offer was running. I hope I made the right decision.

I have the bottle green thin long cardigan in navy and black already and they're good basics for dressed down days. They're nothing exciting, but take the chill from a breezy day.

My next cardigan purchases will probably be the green and red v necks. I know I've posted about them already, but I can see them as a great addition to my wardrobe to rework a few dresses and skirts.

The prints and patterns on these cardigans caught my eye- I'm sure you know by now that I love my prints! The top two cardigans are also found in the Inspire range.

And finally, these are a few jumpers that I personally like. I really love the motifs and/or detail of each of them. How cute are the ombre and owl jumpers?

What do you think? Which are your favourites?

Have you  been stocking up on knitwear yet, or are you refusing to believe Summer is almost over?

 Oh, and before I go I just wanted to say I'm really sorry for the lack of outfit posts at the moment. I began hydrotherapy last week and so far the two sessions have worsened the pain and taken all life out of me. The pain has eased a little since yesterday, so I'm hoping to give my hair a very long over due dye tonight, and hopefully will manage to work on an outfit post tomorrow. Fingers crossed!



  1. Such pretty knitwear... I want about half of the things on this list.

    I'm sorry the pink Asos cardi doesn't fit, I'm not sure but I think I got mine a size smaller than usual... I should have mentioned it, sorry!

    Hope the pain continues to ease Sweetie :)

    I'll write you an email really soon btw!

    1. There's so many lovely knits out there now.

      Don't worry about it; I never asked! I sent it back as the sizing was huge and think the size below might still be too big on me. I think I'll just buy a couple of Matalan cardis with the refund.

      Thanks hun, and thanks for the nice long email! Will reply as soon as I can xx

  2. there's some great picks! i can't believe how cheap the new look ones are, too - when i was in there i found a grandad style one in loads of colours including burgundy and bottle green for £17.99! so so tempted, that's practically primark price and i bet the quality would be sooo much better! hope you feel better soon louise xxx

    1. Thanks. New Look are so reasonable with their pricing. The cropped cardigans I have from them were so inexpensive but good quality. I think I've just bought the bottle green one you're describing! It's so soft- although a bit big. I think NL quality is worlds apart from Primark, but not much more in price. It's great. Thanks hun xx

  3. Your worse than me for cardigans lol I hope your pain gets better big hugs (but gentle ones) xx

    1. Haha it's a bit of an obsession! Thanks Rachel; you're so nice xx


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