Thursday, 23 August 2012

Day Old Blues

Evening lovelies,
Last night I promised you that I'd try to give you an outfit of the day today, so that is what I'm here to do!
I'm sorry they've been few and far between recently. The only excuse I can give you is an honest one; my mobility and pain levels have worsened since I began physiotherapy and hydrotherapy at my local hospital, so I just haven't been able to. Hopefully one of these days I'll be able to believe the phrase 'no pain, no gain'.
I've been wearing this Hummingbird print skirt a lot since I bought it. I love the fit and style. Today, I wore it with my beautiful new cobalt blue cardigan that arrived just yesterday. I have to say, I felt very lady-like in this ensemble.


The cardigan is so soft, and has mother of pearl buttons on the sleeves as well as down the centre of the cardi. Though, they aren't showing up well in the photos. I got this cardigan from Matalan for the bargain price of £10. I'm planning to get it in a smaller size to wear open, and get it in other colours, too. I can't fault the quality, design, or colour of this cardigan. It's might possibly be the best cardigan I've ever come across.

I decided to complement the bright cobalt blue with equally vibrant tomato red accessories.

The red flower came from New Look (last year) and can be worn as a corsage or hair clip. I love how this shade of red looks against the blue. I think the two colours work really well together.

I also wore this pretty red ring. It has lots of red and silver hearts joined together at different angles to look like a flower. I quickly painted my nails whilst waiting for my camera battery to charge; don't look too closely because I hadn't cleaned them up before snapping photos!

Sorry I haven't added a photo of me wearing the cherry earrings. I really hate my ears, and currently have hair dye on my ears and neck! I finally managed to give my hair a long over due dye last night with the help of my Mum. I can't deny that the results always turn out brilliantly when she helps me, but she always ends up getting a generous coating on my neck, ears, and around my hair line. I scrubbed most of it off, but missed a few spots.
It's been so long since I last managed to dye my hair. Not because I'm lazy, but because how difficult my back turns every situation in to. I really feel like crap when my roots are on show, so I'm going to try to dye it every month and build the vibrancy of the red back up. It used to look much brighter! I use Schwarzkopf Live XXL Real Red, in case you wondered.
As for the skirt... I actually wore the skirt bare legged to my hospital appointment on Monday, which was a huge step for me. I haven't bared my legs in public in this country for at least five or six years. I had to walk across a busy car park and through a busy hospital, and y'know what? Nobody stared. Nobody recoiled in horror. Nobody appeared to notice. And I soon forgot there was anything different about how I was dressed, and felt as comfortable walking around as I do when they're covered up! It felt so good to do something I'm nervous about. It was also far easier to redress after forty minutes in a hot hydrotherapy pool than it was last week. (FYI you will battle to pull leggings back on after a swim).

This is the little satchel you can see on my shoulder in the outfit photos. I bought this River Island satchel in the ASOS sale. It was originally £25, on sale for £15, and with the extra 10% offer that's running on sale items at the moment I paid just £13.50 for it!
As far as I can tell, this is a new season line on the River Island website! I really love River Island's satchels, so when I came across this bag I knew I had to buy it; either for myself, or to put away as a Christmas present for my Sister. It was delivered this afternoon, and I liked it too much to give away as a present. Sorry, Sis. It's as soft as butter, and I love the way it folds over to clasp together. It's a good medium sized bag and long enough to be worn over the body or on the arm. It's sold out on the ASOS website now, so I'm glad I took the plunge when I did!

Skirt: Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan: Matalan
Satchel: River Island via ASOS
Corsage: New Look
Earrings: River Island
Ring: Evans
I hope you've had a great Thursday. As always, thanks for stopping by and taking the time to read my blog posts. I don't say it enough, but I really do appreciate it!
Night guys,



  1. I love everything about this! I never would have thought of wearing blue and black together, but now I'll try it some time. It's so beautiful, especially with the splashes of red. LOVE!!! :)

    1. Oh and also: you look amazing in this, honestly, I don't know anyone who looks this good in these colors. I also love the 3/4 sleeves and the length of the skirt. Perfection, I'm telling you!

    2. Aw thank you hun (for all the lovely, lovely comments); you're making me blush! I personally love wearing a bright colour with black (hot pink works too), and I felt good in this outfit. I adore this skirt. The sleeves are actually full length but I pushed them up as I was too warm.

      I think you'd look good in these colours- they really work well with pale skin and dark hair!

      Thanks again Nita :) xx

    3. Re:sleeves - should have put on my glasses^^

      I checked the Matalan website because well, the cardi looks so soft and I love round neck knitwear and *UGH BE MINE* but they don't deliver overseas... yet! Here's hoping, because they do have some gorgeous items, and I only looked at Knitwear so far! Anyway, I saw this is made of a viscose mix, right? If so, great find, especially for that money! :)

      And you're very welcome, sweetie :)

    4. It's not all that obvious in the photos!

      I hate it when companies make themselves inaccessible to potiential customers. Surely it wouldn't be that hard to calculate postage costs for other countries? Hopefully they'll sort that out one of thse days!

      Yeah, it's a mix but it feels like a good quality cotton. Such good quality for the mere price of £10!


  2. i really love your skirt !

  3. ooh you look so pretty :) it's ladylike but it's so colourful and bright that it's a really fun outfit too! love it xxx

    1. Aw thank you Hannah :). I do love adding in some colour to brighten things up xx

  4. I love the outfit I'm so jealous you can do your cardi up all the way it looks lovely :) my boobs always stop me from being able to do it up xx

    1. Aw thanks Rachel :). I sized up so that I could wear it buttoned up, but trust me- it's threatening to gape on top. I usually have the same problem, especially with shirts. xx

  5. one of my favourites! you look fabulous x


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