Saturday, 4 August 2012

ASOS Wish List

ASOS is one of my favourite places to shop from. There are always so many gorgeous things to choose from, and even better they offer free delivery; which is such an appealing trait on a limited budget.

I love logging on to ASOS and browsing through pages and pages of clothes, bags, shoes, cosmetics, and accessories. It's rare that I don't find at least a few things I want to buy.

At the moment I have my eye on quite a lot!

I'm not usually one to wear a lot of black or white, but I seem to be drawn to several pieces in these colours right now.

I'm in love with the raccoon print shirt! Cute animals on clothes are so hard to resist, and this shirt is no exception. Shirts are a garment my wardrobe is lacking; but they're so versatile and would look cute with jeans, skirts, trousers, and under dresses.

I love the pink piping to the black midi dress, and that it has longer sleeves. I still adore the printed black midi, but it's still a little on the expensive side for me.

I also really love the v-neck sweater dresses, and plan on buying one or two for Autumn/Winter. It's so difficult to find v-neck Winter dresses- they so often have a scoop neck which I hate wearing as the neckline broadens my shoulders and leaves me feeling frumpy. So, finding a v neck sweater dress, which also falls to the knee, and also has good length sleeves is nothing short of a miracle. I can't decide which colour I love more.

This dog print shirt is also high on my wish list. The print is adorable; I love the shape of the sleeves; and I love the bow to the neckline.

How cute is this floral prom dress? The print is nothing short of amazing. The coral polka dot midi is also easy on the eye.

Novelty knits are also having a moment on my heart right now. I particularly love the hedgehog print sweater, and the lip print one beside it. They'd certainly brighten up any A/W outfit.

 The 'I'm With The Boyband' sweater just made me think of my Boyzone girls... perfect for tour time! Haha.

I know these aren't the most stylish of knits, but I can't help thinking how cosy the over sized cardigan would be on a frosty Winters day over a pair of jeans or jeggings.

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm obsessed with bags and ASOS's current selection is no exception. Bird print, anchors, cats, and a hedgehog... amazing! I'm in bag heaven!

I'm not a fan of trainers, but I do love my Converse and have always wanted a pair of Vans. They're great for those comfortable, dressed down days and speak to the edgier part of my personality. I love these polka dot and star print designs which are everywhere at the moment, and I can't help loving the floral flatforms. Are flatforms as comfortable as they look?

And I couldn't browse ASOS without having a peek at their accessories. There are so many to choose from, and they have so many pieces which won't break the bank. Moustaches, and animals seem to currently be catching my eye. I'm head over heels in love with the tortoise belt- I mean, seriously, tortoises! On a belt! It's probably the best belt I've ever seen! I'd quite like to have the floral spiked bracelet, too.

Are you lusting after any of these pieces? Do you own any of them?

What's on your ASOS wishlist?



  1. As I'm a bit skint at the min I haven't been looking at the new in just the sale sections it's for the bank balances happiness ! Xx

    1. That's very considerate of you!! Haha. I'm skint too. I keep browsing but can only dream for now. xx

  2. Oooh I like all that knitwear... I actually have the hedgehog sweater on my wishlist! Great picks sweetie :)

    1. The hedgehog sweater is my fave! I think it comes in white or cream as well; it's so cute!

  3. there are some amazing things on this list but my favourites have to be the hedgehog bag and the panda jumper (it's on my birthday list!) might have accidentally given in to buying things in the topshop sale earlier too, oooops... xxx

    1. also, yes flatforms are super comfortable and you should totally invest! it's just added extra height with NO cost to comfort, amazing :) xxx

    2. I really really want the hedgehog bag- it's so cute! I think you'd look amazing in the panda jumper! I won't tell anyone about your accidental Topshop shopping if you don't tell anyone I accidently spent half my bank balance on the Lush website this afternoon... I don't know how it happened...

      I can't afford a pair of shoes right now, and not sure if the shape would be bad on my back right now... But I really want to invest at some point xx

  4. i absolutely love asos, and i just recently discovered it too! i'm loving that dog print top too!

    1. It's one of the best places to shop out there! I'm glad you found it! :)


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