Sunday, 29 April 2012

One Girl's Love Of Dresses

So, who here in England has been forced to take a duvet-day for fear of being blown away outside?

It's been so blustery here, I began to wonder if a hurricane was brewing. My bedroom window was torn open while I slept (luckily not off it's hinges), and I kept waking repeatedly thinking the house was going to fly off to Oz. Thankfully the tree over my rabbit's pen didn't fall down in the night but it's still batting furiously against the wind. Scary stuff!

Anyway, I was really excited to get dressed this afternoon in to my new dress. You've probably noticed how much I love dresses. If I could wear them all day every day I would be content for the rest of my life. I feel most like myself when I wear one, and feel they're more flattering on my curves than a pair of trousers.

You all read how much I love the same bird-print dress in black, and I just had to get it in brown. I love the shape, fit, and style. It's so comfortable to wear. It's a bit chilly today, so I threw on a cardigan and purple leggings, and accessorised with a black belt, an owl brooch, and a polka dot hairband.

Sorry about the crap photos. My camera needs charging so I was forced to use my iPod. Here is a pasty-faced make-up less me wearing:

Outfit Details

Belt- Dorothy Perkins.
Leggings- New Look.
Cardigan- New Look.
Owl Brooch- Accessorize (I think).
Dress- Dorothy Perkins (it also came with a nude belt).
Polka Dot Hairband- From an accessories shop in South Street Sea Port in New York. I can't remember what it was called, but it was inside a little mall there.

My hair is actually a brighter red than these photos show. Although it does need redyeing. I didn't dye it for four months, which really faded the colour, so when I dyed it last month the colour didn't come up so bright. I use Schwarzkopf live xxl "Real Red", but am naturally a mid-dark brown with a few hints of auburn.

I can also report that I gave in and ordered the envelope clutch I was talking about yesterday. I kept thinking about it all night, and was still obsessing over it when I awakened. Maybe I'll put something up on ebay to compensate for it, but I doubt it! I've no regrets, and can't wait for it to fall in to my hands.

Have you ever came away from a shopping trip, knowing you just had to have an item you saw but didn't buy?

Hope you all have a good night.



  1. I looooove your haircolor! Mine actually looked exactly like that before I went black :)

    You look just as gorgeous in this dress as you did in the other one! And congrats on the clutch :D

  2. Thank you! It is brighter than it looks though. Oh really? I thought that was your natural colour!!

    Aw thanks hun. I can't decide which I like best. Probably the black. I really couldn't resist the clutch. :)

    1. Naaah, my natural color is acutally a mousy brown^^

      My personal fave is clearly this one, neutrals are ♥ imo, but the black is very classic :)

    2. I never would have guessed! It looks so natural on you.

      I can't really decide. I love them both in different ways, and your love of softer colours is clear on your blog :)

  3. i do like the dress, and you are right to buy the clutch, they are so versatile and chic any outfit up,oh the ones that got away are awful, i am in sadness over a sold out vintage print river island skirt, i am going to check online again, just in case...x

    1. Thank you! I think this clutch will work with almost anything, but I never usually use them. This one was too nice to pass up. Hate when that happens :( Keep an eye on ebay, as well. It might turn up!

  4. pretty dress! love dress with leggings. :) you look great!


  5. That dress is lovely and looks great on you, I have the Topshop Vectra studded flats and although I thought the price was a bit steep, I've worn them loads. They're very versatile. Again, I love the dress, Dotty P's have really got some nice stuff lately x

    1. Thank you :). I don't think the price is too bad for the quality, but knowing they're going to be worn to death it's worth it. I'm been loving DP's collection this season. Bad for the bank balance! x


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