Thursday, 12 April 2012

A Change of Pace

Happy Thursday lovely fashionistas!

Just for a change, today I'm not wearing a dress! Shocking, right?

I was browsing through Matalan's website a couple of days ago when I came across this beautiful scarf-print skirt. Now I have a fear of baring my pasty, chubby legs to the world, and haven't worn a skirt outside in a few years. I wouldn't even wear leggings or skinny jeans until a few years ago! I always fear people will look at my legs with disgust. I'm trying so hard to get over this fear, and to feel comfortable in my own skin. So, when I saw this skirt, I had to snap it up.

Would you believe this fully-lined skirt was only £12? Me neither. I'm used to seeing similar looking garments at least double or treble that price. I quickly added it to my on line basket, along with the same skirt in royal blue. (I do have a habit of buying the same item in different colours if I really love the style). I was so surprised that the delivery only took two days!

The skirt is made from a heavy, good quality fabric, and feels more expensive than the £12 it cost. It's a very full skirt, too, and yes it adds a couple of inches to my hips, but it's oh so pretty! It has a zip to the side, and a matching belt to cinch it in. It falls just below the knee on me (I'm about 5'6"), which is perfect for my shape and size. I realised I haven't really got any tops to pair with it, so I did the mis-matched print thing and slipped on my daisy print Dorothy Perkins blouse. I actually kind of like them together! I added the cardigan to break down the pattern and to hide my arms.

Outfit Details

Skirt- Matalan
Blouse- Dorothy Perkins
Cardigan- New Look
Pasty Legs- Model's own

What do you guys think? Is it a hit or a miss? How would you wear it?



  1. Another day, another comment from me^^
    I love this type of skirt, it's so great for summer. I'd wear it like you do here with a cardigan and maybe a simple t-shirt underneath (in a matching or neutral color). And YAAAY for only paying 12GBP!

    I started by always wearing leggings, opaque tights etc. under skirts, and slowly worked my way up to wearing "just" a skirt... but that took months. I hope you can find a way to wear this and feel great in it, because you LOOK great already :)

    1. Haha, i love your comments!

      I will be pairing it with some basic one-colour tops- i just need to buy some! Just really threw this one on so i could show off the skirt.

      I used to wear the odd skirt out of the house a few years ago, but i've kinda reverted back from that confidence. I feel comfortable in leggings and tights, and WILL make myself confident with bare legs this summer. I hope!!

      Thanks hun. You're so nice! :)

  2. I'm the same with my legs. I hate them. I've only just embraced leggings, maybe one day the legs will come out :)

    Love the skirt, Matalan is amazing for some bargains. I'd wear it like Pashteit says - with one colour tops, but I love the clashing prints :) x

    1. I'm sure we're not the only ones! Leggings are a step in the right direction, though!

      Thank you. I've only bought a few pieces from them in the past, but they do stock some lovely things. I've actually found a couple of black tops in my wardrobe, and it does look a lot nicer together!


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