Sunday, 8 April 2018

Sunday Favourites #322

Hey guys,

I hope you're all having a great weekend so far.

Sorry it's been so quiet on the blog this week. I've been stuck in bed recovering from my trip to London last weekend, and have been too exhausted to function. I'm beginning to feel human again, so fingers crossed you'll get more out of me this week. For now, at least, I'm going to optimistically start the week off with this brand new batch of Sunday Favourites, and hope the motivation will follow. Enjoy.

I'm loving Margaret Scrinkl's beautiful paper cut-out art.

These pretty DIY floral patterned envelopes from Maritza Lisa.

A Kailo Chic Life's DIY rainbow pop pom planter is amazing!

Lovely Indeed show you how to make this sweet modern woven wreath for your Spring decor.

I love this funky colour blocked pendant lamp DIY from Erica Chan Coffman. I'd love to make one in pretty pastel colours.

Aww Sam's Spring flower shaped Pop Tarts are the cutest.

This adorable wooden fox brooch from The Mindful Crafter.

I want to make some of these DIY alcohol ink marbled leather coasters from A Kailo Chic Life.

Oh Happy Day's giant hanging paper flowers are so pretty.

I'm obsessed with this Colour Pop collection of pastel china by Sophie Conran for Port Meirion. They're expensive, but they're so beautiful I'm going to have to start collecting them for the day I have my own place. I've already bought the cereal bowls off my little sister who is doing the same after seeing my pins of them, and accidentally ordered too many. You can buy them from loads of places, such as John Lewis, Sophie Conran, and Harts of Stur.

This dog has Mickey Mouse ears!

This hair do from Pulp Riot is so gorgeous. Those colours!

I'm loving these adorable dog photographs from Elke Vogelsang.

These pretty sculptures by Stephanie Kilgast.

Lovely Links

♥ Lady Writes wrote a thought-provoking post entitled: Are WE The Actual Problem With Instagram?

♥ Forever Amber pondered a current concern for many bloggers: Is Instagram killing blogs?

♥ If you're a blogger and never know what to charge for your work, Georgina Grogan wrote a really helpful post about her blogging rate card and how she values herself that you'll want to check out.

♥ Amie, The Curvaceous Vegan, wrote a relatable and inspiring post about The Rollercoaster That Is Body Confidence.

♥ Parkland students are trolling their mandatory clear backpacks by carrying things that scare conservatives the most. I applaud the school's effort, but do they really think clear backpacks are going to prevent school shootings?! It might be harder to conceal a knife or a hand gun, but you couldn't exactly hide a machine gun in a backpack.

♥ A teenager fat-shamed in a bakery devised the most perfect method of revenge. I probably would've done the same, to be honest.

♥ A guy body shamed his girlfriend and it didn't end well for him. What a douche! She's well rid of him.

♥ 84 sculptures appear on top of a building in London to bring awareness to male suicide. I saw them on top of the This Morning studio building on my way to the O2 last weekend, and at first glance, they looked like real people. They definitely caught my attention and got me thinking, but I had no idea what stood for at the time and suicide didn't cross my mind. I feel they would raise more awareness of male suicide with some statistics beside them on a billboard or something.

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What did you enjoy most this week?

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