Monday, 4 December 2017

My Favourite Things About Christmas Time

I can't believe it's already the fourth of December. The last few days have flown by, and I've not even been anywhere! I have a feeling the next few weeks are going to do just the same, and Christmas will be here before we know it. *Hyperventilates.* 

I have so much to do before the 25th, but I have made a start on decorating my bedroom for Christmas, and I've also been doing loads of Christmas crafting over the weekend, including making embroidery hoop wreaths, and starting to paint a wooden Advent house. I'm hoping to start wrapping presents over the next few days- not that I've finished all my shopping yet- but once that's tackled I think I'll feel a whole lot less stressed, and be able to enjoy the festivities more. Right now I'm just stressing about how much I still have to do, and how I'm going to manage it all with my body already screaming at me to stop, which is probably ridiculous considering there are still three weeks in which to do it all, but that's the way I roll. 

As my back has been so sore, and the weather has been so dreary lately, I've not yet had a chance to take all the photos I need for the festive posts I have planned, so today I thought I'd share a list of some of my favourite things about Christmas time instead, and that is what I'm here to do. Here's 50 of my favourite things about Christmas time.

1. Decorating the tree with my family.
2. Giving presents to my family and friends
3. Baking in the kitchen on Christmas Eve with my Mum and / or sister.
4. Listening to all those Christmas tunes on repeat.
5. Houses decorated in colourful Christmas lights.
6. My Auntie's Christmas Eve party... even if I haven't been in a few years.
7. Driving the sixty miles home from Worcester on Christmas Eve past houses lit up with Christmas lights, and that Christmas Eve excitement in the air.
8. Actually sitting down to a meal with my family... we only seem to manage it about three times a year.
9. Eating a delicious turkey roast with all the trimmings.
10. Evenings spent crafting.
11. Making my own Christmas crackers.
12. Wrapping presents as beautifully as I can, usually embellished with plenty of ribbons and jingle bells.
13. Indulging on Cadbury Roses, Celebrations, Matchmakers, After Eights, and other delicious nibbles.
14. Watching Christmas movies at every opportunity.
15. Rewatching Santa Claus The Movie, and The Muppet Christmas Carol for the millionth time.
16. Screaming 'It's Christmaaaaasssss!' at least once a day.
17. Buying all the Christmas craft and gift wrapping supplies from Hobbycraft I can get my hands on.
18. Brass bands playing Christmas carols.
20. Turning the house in to a Winter wonderland.
21. My town's old Christmas lights. The new modern ones suck.
22. Old decorations from childhood that make me all nostalgic.
23. Watching my family open the presents I gave them.
24. Sending and receiving Christmas cards.
25. Receiving thoughtful presents or gestures from loved ones.

26. Going to Christmas markets.
27. Reading A Christmas Carol and Little Women- two of the best Christmas reads ever.
28. Hearing the familiar carols in the street from our town's football club Santa Claus bringing sweets to children to raise money for charity. It's been a tradition since I was little, and it was always mega exciting to hear his sleigh, and get a bag of pick 'n' mix from Santa. LOL. Now it just makes me nostalgic.
29. Reading Christmas blog posts on my favourite blogs.
30. Blogging Christmas content. It's definitely my favourite time of the year to blog!
31. Spending spare time at home cross stitching Christmas pictures, cards, and decorations.
32. Getting dressed up on Christmas Day. Even though I always spend Christmas at home. I like to make the effort on Christmas Day. I always put on a pretty dress, and my loveliest jewellery, and do my hair and make up as nice as I can.
33. Decorating the mantle with natural decorations. It's something I've been in charge of for about fifteen years.
34. Setting the table for Christmas lunch. It's been my job to set the table for Christmas Day lunch since childhood, and I actually quite enjoy putting it all together, and making it look pretty. I'm weird like that.
35. Counting down the days 'til Christmas Day with a beauty Advent calendar. It's like Christmas every day!
36. Eating junk for breakfast and drinking before noon on Christmas Day because it's allowed.
37. Going to my home town's and Bourton-on-the-Water's turning-on-of-the-lights events.
38. Dressing Rosie (my dog) up for Christmas in a Christmas jumper and hair bows.
39. Watching Rosie opening her presents. I can't wait to see her reaction to her presents this year; last year was hilarious.
40. Playing board games with my family over the holidays.
41. Having Christmas movie marathons while curled up under cosy blankets.
42. Making my apple and blackberry trifle on Christmas Eve.
43. Watching Christmas TV specials- especially The Vicar of Dibley, and Gavin and Stacey specials. They never get old.
44. Shopping the Christmas departments of department stores and garden centres for Christmas decorations.
45. Driving around to spot Christmas lights.
46. Opening presents on Christmas morning in my PJs, like I did when I was a kid.
47. Enjoying turkey sandwiches on Christmas Day night and Boxing Day.
48. Pretty Christmas decorations, and mid-century style decorations.
49. Putting together a Christmas Eve box to enjoy on Christmas Eve.
50. Laughing until my sides hurt and someone almost chokes on a Brussel sprout during Christmas dinner.

What are your favourite things about Christmas time?

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