Friday, 17 November 2017

75 Of The Best Christmas Blog Photo Props

If you're a blogger, you're probably busy preparing your Christmas blog content, or at least beginning to plan for all of those festive posts you want to create for your readers this Christmas. I know I am! If you're planning your content, you may also be thinking about how to dress your Christmas blog photos to compliment your writing, showcase a product or subject, and catch the attention of your readers. As every blogger knows, it's our photos that can really make or break our posts.

When planning your photos, your first thought might be to start shopping for festive photo props, but you shouldn't need to do this if you already have a good supply of Christmas decorations and cosy winter homeware at home, and can go foraging for foliage to use as natural decorations. It's the one time of year when you will probably already have countless great photo props to hand, so don't start shopping for props before you've checked the decorations box or gone foraging in the garden or countryside. Save your pennies for Christmas shopping or an extra cocktail or two at the Christmas party!

If you want some ideas for festive photo props for killer Christmas blog photos, I've compiled a list of 75 great Christmas photo props you'll probably have in your home over the holidays (or can pick up cheaply as you do your Christmas shopping), to give you a little inspiration. I hope it gives you a few ideas!

1. Christmas trees (real or fake).
2. Fairy lights.
3. Tinsel.
4. Garlands.
5. Festive bunting.
6. Paper pom pom decorations.
7. Baubles.
8. Other tree decorations.
9. Pretty Christmas decorations.
10. Wreaths.
11. Bottle brush trees.
12. Miniature deer, reindeer, or polar bear figurines or toys.
13. Jingle bells.
14. Candles.
15. Tea light holders.
16. Fir branches.
17. Pine cones.
18. Holly branches.
19. Mistletoe.
20. Poinsettias.
21. Christmas cacti.
22. Cinnamon sticks.
23. Dried orange slices.
24. Oranges.
25. Red apples.
26. Shelled nuts (walnuts, hazelnuts etc).
27. Christmas patterned paper, or coloured paper in red, green, gold or silver.
28. Christmas wrapping paper.
29. Brown parcel paper (tied up with string).
30. Christmas patterned fabric, or plain red, green, gold, or silver fabric.
31. Notebooks.
32. Christmas cards.
33. Christmas crackers.
34. Presents- or empty boxes wrapped to look like presents.
35. Blankets.
36. Festive bedding.
37. Christmas cushions.
38. Scarves.
39. Christmas table cloths, runners, napkins, tea towels etc.
40. Christmas stockings.
41. Christmas jumpers.
42. Ribbons.
43. Curling ribbon.
44. Twine.
45. Raffia.
46. Bows.
47. Pom poms in festive colours.
48. Christmas present toppers.
49. Christmas DVDs and CDs.
50. Festive books.
51. Magazines with festive content.
52. Christmas craft projects you're working on.
53. Christmas chocolates and sweets.
54. Chocolate Santas.
55. Chocolate coins.
56. Candy canes.
57. Mince pies, stolen, panettone, and other Christmas treats.
58. Milk and cookies. (Perhaps with a plate of carrots in shot for the reindeer).
59. Christmas cookie cutters.
60. Nail polishes in festive colours like red, green, gold, and silver.
61. Make up in festive colours or with festive packaging.
62. Lush Christmas products.
63. The Body Shop Christmas products.
64. Jewellery- especially if it's Christmas themed.
65. Slippers.
66. Christmas socks.
67. Christmas PJs.
68. Christmas crockery.
69. Christmas table confetti.
70. Confetti.
71. Novelty Christmas bags and purses.
72. Advent calendars.
73. Hot water bottles.
74. Sequins.
75. Festive coloured beads.

What do you like to use for Christmas photo props?

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