Monday, 20 November 2017

101 Things To Do This Christmas

With just over a week to go until the beginning of December, and little over a month until Christmas Day, there's no denying it: Christmas is on it's way! It's almost time to deck those halls, trim the tree, and get well and truly hammered at the office Christmas party.

I don't know about you, but I can't wait!  I'm fully intending to soak up as much festive cheer between now and the 25th as possible. I'm planning to turn my home in to a Winter wonderland, do loads of Christmas crafting, watch plenty of Christmas movies, eat my body weight in delicious Christmas food, and do all the other fun things that make Christmas the most wonderful time of the year.

If you're planning to do the same, but are short on ideas for things to do this Christmas, don't worry; I've got you covered. I've compiled a new list of 101 things to do this Christmas to give you guys a few ideas that will hopefully help you get in to the Christmas spirit and make this Christmas the best one yet. You'll find plenty of ideas for people of all ages and genders, and you don't even need kids to be able to do any of them; they're all adult-friendly. 

So, let's get cracking! Here's my list of 101 things to do this Christmas...

1. Go out and buy a Christmas tree.
2. Decorate you Christmas tree.
3. Decorate the inside and outside of your home for Christmas
4. Go to your local Christmas turning-on-of-the-lights event.
5. Bake and ice Christmas cookies. You could even throw a Christmas cookie icing party.
6. Have a festive movie marathon in your PJs with plenty of festive snacks, and cosy blankets to snuggle under.
7. Read a festive themed book like A Christmas Carol or Little Women.
8. Make your own Christmas crackers.
9. Take a drive to spot Christmas lights.
10. Make a festive playlist to soundtrack all of your festive fun.
11. Take photos in front of the Christmas tree.
12. Make your own Christmas decorations.
13. Visit a big attraction like Disney World or The Wizarding World of Harry Potter while it's dressed up for Christmas.
14. Make a Christmas photo booth in your home with festive props and a camera on a tripod, and take silly photos with your family and friends.
15. Wrap your Christmas presents as beautifully and creatively as you can.
16. Have a Christmas carpet picnic by the tree with lots of delicious festive nibbles and drinks.
17. Put together a Christmas Eve box for yourself, your partner, or your kids to enjoy on Christmas Eve night.
18. Go ice skating.
19. Attempt some festive nail art... or cheat and treat yourself to a festive manicure at a salon or nail bar.
20. Spend a day playing board games with your family or friends.

21. Buy or make a wreath for your front door.
22. Make and decorate a Christmas gingerbread house.
23. Take a tour bus around a big city at night once the Christmas lights have been turned on.
24. Buy and wear a tacky Christmas jumper.
25. Learn a piece of Christmas music on an instrument.
26. Sit and write your Christmas cards, and a Christmas letter to put in them, if you like to write one.
27. Knit or crochet a Christmas blanket, scarf, gift, or decoration.
28. Wrap up warm and take a walk to spot Christmas lights.
29. Recreate an old family photo taken at Christmas time.
30. Start a new tradition.
31. Try a Christmas tradition from another part of the world.
32. Take your kids to see Santa.
33. Make a Christmas cake,  Christmas pudding, and / or your own mince pies.
34. Light an Advent candle or festive-scented candles every night.
35. Visit a Christmas market; the European ones are usually the best.
36. Watch a Christmas film you've never seen before.
37. Have a festive pamper day / evening.
38. Buy or make an Advent Calendar to enjoy.
39. Make a Christmas cross stitch or embroidery.
40. Throw a Christmas party for your family and friends.

41. Put together a hamper for a friend or family member for Christmas.
42. Browse the Christmas department in a garden centre or department store.
43. Have a Christmas PJ / onesie day.
44. Take in a festive church service.
45. Spend time listening and singing along to your favourite Christmas tunes.
46. Go Christmas shopping.
47. Perfect the perfect Christmas roast dinner with all the trimmings.
48. Go foraging for natural decorations to decorate your home with.
49. Donate to a food bank, shelter, animal rescue centre, or other deserving charity.
50. Have a sleepover underneath the Christmas tree.
51. Make your own sloe gin, egg nog, or mulled wine.
52. Buy at least one new decoration.
53. Watch The Nutcracker at the theatre.
54. Do some Christmas journaling to record your favourite festive fun times.
55. Go carol singing.
56. Relax and de-stress with a Christmas colouring book.
57. Help out at a soup kitchen or food bank.
58. Watch some festive TV.
59. Go out for a turkey roast (or veggie equivalent) at a carvery or cosy country pub.
60. Make your own Christmas jumper.

61. Take part in a Secret Santa.
62. Visit Christmas markets in European cities.
63. Make some festive art.
64. Make popcorn and cranberry garlands to string up in your home.
65. Go to a pantomime.
66. Go to a Christingle service.
67. Make your own Christmas cards.
68. Have a Christmas meal with friends
69. Buy a hot meal or drink for a homeless person, or buy a Big Issue and leave the magazine so the person can sell it again to raise another donation.
70. Kiss under the mistletoe.
71. Make all your gifts this year.
72. Watch a festive film at the cinema.
73. Go have fun at the Christmas party.
74. Go out for hot chocolate.
75. Try a Christmas make up look.
76. Visit some reindeer.
77. Buy new Christmas print PJs to wear on Christmas Eve.
78. Throw a festive girls / guys night in.
79. Check in with elderly, vulnerable, ill, or lonely people you know. Spend time with them, run errands like shopping for groceries, or shovelling snow from their driveways for them, and consider inviting them to spend Christmas with you if they don't have Christmas Day plans. Nobody should be alone at Christmas time.
80. Make a yule log.

81. Go Christmas shopping somewhere further afield than your local high street, and make a night of it by spending a night in a hotel.
82. Make foodie gifts for all your family and friends this year.
83. Hang stockings over the fire place.
84. Visit Lapland.
85. Write some festive creative writing.
86. Make a Christmas stocking and have fun shopping for stocking fillers.
87. Visit a palace, manor house, or stately home dressed for Christmas.
88. Go to a Christmas craft fair.
89. Make table favours for your family / guests to enjoy during Christmas dinner.
90. Enjoy a few Christmas drinks down your local.
91. Throw a Victorian-themed Christmas party.
92. If it snows, build a snowman, have a snowball fight, make snow angels, go sledding, and walk in the snow.
93. Take an outing to a pretty little village or town you've never been to before. The Cotswolds is particularly beautiful this time of year.
94. Make paper snowflakes and paper chains.
95. Buy hot roast chestnuts from a street vendor- or roast some over the fire at home. Remember to remove the shells before eating them, Steve.
96. Take a horse-drawn sleigh / carriage ride.
97. Experience Christmas in another part of the world.
98. Blog about all the fun things you get up to over Christmas.
99. Visit family and friends.
100. Take photos of all the fun things you get up to.
101. Do a random act of kindness for a stranger.

What are you most looking forward to doing this Christmas?

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