Sunday, 3 September 2017

Sunday Favourites #291

Time for another one of those Sunday Favourites post things I sometimes do around here...

I love these DIY paper cacti from Fabrica de Imaginacion.

How cute are these DIY 80s shell-soap-inspired chocolates from Studio DIY? They remind me of the jars filled with novelty soaps and bath pearls my Nana put together for my sisters and I for Christmas in the nineties!

In need of a sugar rush? These cotton candy pop tarts from Aww Sam should do the trick!

A Kailo Chic Life's giant pom pom cake is so quirky and unique, so naturally, I love it!

I'm finding it hard to resist this gorgeous set of two wolves pocket notebooks from Papio Press. I have so many notebooks already, but two more wouldn't hurt, right?

These easy to make magnetic memo boards would look amazing over any work space.

My school days are long behind me, but I really want a hot pink locker to store my stuff in, like this one in Aww Sam's DIY locker decoration ideas post.

I want to brighten up a room with a good vibes rainbow lettering balloon wall, like this one from Oh Happy Day.

I love this rainbow faux taxidermy zebra from Mahzer and Vee.

How cute is this DIY pink and white checkerboard by Best Friends For Frosting?!

These beautiful weavings from Savannah Teel at Savvie Studio.

These galaxy eclairs from Ukrainian bakery Musse Confectionery look amazing! Almost too beautiful to eat.

Hungarian artist Agnes Herczeg creates these ethereal pieces by blending intricate lace art with knotty pieces of wood. The result is beautiful.

Iran's Nasir-Ol-Molk mosque looks absolutely stunning.

Lovely Links

♥ 19 things people with chronic pain wish others would stop saying. Yes to most of these, although I don't have a problem with people genuinely trying to help or offer support but not knowing what to say. Just don't tell me 'at least it's not cancer' or preach about some miracle treatment that totally cured your mother's friend's barber's blacksmith of an ailment I don't even have.

♥ 'When I wonder if I can fight my chronic pain forever.' I sometimes wonder about this, too.

♥ The isolation of living with a chronic condition. The isolation is deafening.

♥ Powerful photos from hurricane Harvey that show the devastating power of nature. It's heartbreaking to see so much devastation to people's homes and lives. I can't even imagine what the people of Houston are going through right now.

♥ Can you believe that some people actually left their dogs tied up to die in the Houston floods?! What kind of monsters would chain their dogs up outdoors at ground level during a hurricane / flood?? I would never be able to leave my dog behind, but if these people had no choice, they could've at least set the poor animals free so they stood a chance! 

♥ The tragicomical life of Japanese businessmen. This is heartbreaking. Nobody should be expected to work themselves in to the ground like that.

♥ An early peek at some of the best beauty Advent calendars for 2017. There's going to be Essie and a Soap and Glory calendars for the first time this year!

♥ The size 10 winner of a beauty pageant handed back her crown after being told she was 'too big'. It's disgusting that a size 10 woman could ever be considered 'too big'. She's tiny!

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  1. Holy wow! Those eclairs! I know i've said it before, but I love these round up posts! So much inspiration and colour!


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