Thursday, 31 August 2017

50 Ways To Add More Colour To Your Life

It will come as no surprise that I love colour; anybody who knows me, reads my blog, or follows my social media accounts could tell you I'm pretty darn obsessed with all things colourful. I'm a self-confessed colour-junkie and I don't care who knows it!

Colour makes me happy, so I try to inject in in to all areas of my life from the clothes and make up I wear to the home decor I buy, the crafts I make to my blog photography, and everything in between. Anything to make my life that little more colourful! Life is too short to live in black and white.

I truly believe that you can never have too much colour in your life. A splash of colour can help to brighten a mood and lift your spirits, and even help you through those dark and dreary Autumn days. It adds personality to your life and your style, and plenty of fun to the most mundane of daily tasks. And most importantly, it can bring happiness to both you and the people around you, and remind you that you don't always have to take life or yourself too seriously.

I've always found it easy to add colour to my life, but I know embracing colour doesn't always come naturally to most people, so I thought I'd write a list of simple ways to add more colour to your life for anybody who wants to live a little more colourfully. 

So, here are my 50 ways to add more colour to your life:

1. Bake a rainbow cake.
2. Paint your nails in all the colours of the rainbow.
3. Dye your hair a fun colour- or take it one step further and go for the whole rainbow.
4. Paint a room or feature wall a bold colour.
5. Fill your home with colourful flowers. Sunflowers, purple irises, yellow tulips, hot pink gerberas...
6. Dress in colourful clothes.
7. Collect colourful art, and display them on your walls.
8. Paint something in colourful colours.
9. Experiment with colourful eye make up looks.
10. Organise your bookshelves by colour to get a rainbow effect.
11. Create an inspiring feature wall above your desk with bright and colourful postcards, art, photos, hoop art etc.
12. Scout out some colourful street art and take photos in front of it.
13. Fill vases and jars with rainbow coloured jelly beans, sprinkles or glass beads for fun, colourful decor.
14. Take baths with Lush bath bombs, and bubble bars.
15. Accessorize an outfit with a colourful bag or pair of shoes.
16. Invest in a colourful, statement piece of furniture or two for your home.
17. Collect rainbow-coloured things.
18. Crochet some colourful granny square blankets to brighten up your bed or sofas.
19. Wear bold shades of lipstick.
20. Add lots of colourful flowers to your garden or balcony.
21. Start a novelty bag collection and display them on your bedroom door, on a book case, or on your bedroom walls.
22. Accessorize your gadgets with funky colourful cases.
23. Make your planner, diary, or journal as colourful as possible with stationery, washi tape, and coloured pens.
24. Hang your favourite photos and pictures in colourful frames.
25. Brighten up your rainy day with a rainbow umbrella.
26. Add a colourful coat, hat, scarf, and / or gloves to your Autumn / Winter outfits.
27. String up multi-coloured fairy lights in your home.
28. If you craft, always craft in beautiful colours.
29. Enjoy colourful art at art galleries.
30. Fill your home with colourful home decor.
31. Eat a whole rainbow of fruit and veg.
32. Throw colourful confetti in to your photos.
33. Add colourful buttons to an old coat, or cardigan.
34. Give your computer a colourful screen saver, and use rainbow decals to jazz up your keyboard.
35. Buy sun catchers that shine rainbow beams of light in to your home.
36. Rock some fun colourful jewellery.
37. Make your Instagram colour-themed.
38. Feeling brave? Get a colourful tattoo!
39. Wear a different shade of colourful nail polish every day for a month.
40. Sew, cross stitch or embroider in colourful threads.
41. Instantly brighten your bedroom with a colourful duvet set, curtains, blankets, and pillows.
42. Rock a pair of colourful glasses or sunglasses.
43. Hang up colourful paper garlands, pom poms, and honeycomb decorations around your home.
44. Go to a Pride parade.
45. Send colourful snail mail and gift boxes to friends and family. And always wrap presents in colourful paper by default.
46. Use colourful stationery to brighten any task.
47. Give your blog a colourful redesign.
48. Add rainbow sprinkles to all your desserts.
49. Take part in a colour run.
50. Unwind with an adult colouring book, and the most colourful pens or coloured pencils you can find.

How do you inject colour in to your life?

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  1. So many great tips! I love how color always lifts my mood..


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