Tuesday, 8 August 2017

50 Things To Do On A Rainy Day

It's barely stopped raining these past two weeks, which apparently is the price we have to pay for one decent Summer's day of sunshine and scorching heat here in ye olde England.

I actually love the rain, but even I'm beginning to get bored of these dark dreary days, and getting drenched every time I need to leave the house, and I'm guessing you guys are, too. It's August; the sun is meant to be shining! We're supposed to be sunning ourselves on the beach and drinking cocktails, not reaching for umbrellas and rain coats.

If you're fed up of being stuck indoors watching the same old TV shows while the rain lashes against the windows, putting a dampener on your Summer plans, never fear; I'm here to help. I've put together a list of 50 fun things to do on a rainy day to give you guys a little inspiration, and to help you beat that boredom. Whether you want to stay home or get out and about, there are plenty of fun ways to spend a rainy day, and here are just 50 ways off the top of my head...

1. Read a book, preferably for a whole day.
2. Binge watch some shows on Netflix.
3. Visit a museum.
4. Go for a walk, get drenched, and come home to a hot shower / bath, and cosy pyjamas.
5. Bake up a storm in the kitchen, and fill the house with the smell of delicious cakes, bread or cookies.
6. Relax with an adult colouring book.
7. Visit an aquarium.
8. Watch a movie or two at the cinema.
9. Have a duvet day.
10. Make soup, and eat a big bowl full with fresh bread.
11. Play a board game.
12. Visit an art gallery.
13. Go for a drive.
14. Do some cross stitching, knitting, or crocheting.
15. Write and schedule a bunch of blog posts. If you don't have a blog, start one!
16. Catch up with your favourite blogs.
17. Take a hot, candle-lit bubble bath.
18. Go shopping in an indoor shopping mall.
19. Do some painting or sketching (or whichever form of art you enjoy best).
20. Have a clear out, and list some things for sale on eBay.
21. Play computer games.
22. Go swimming at your local pool.
23. Make comfort food.
24. Have a movie marathon.
25. Have a carpet picnic with your family / housemates.
26. Read some trashy magazines.
27. Bulk cook food to freeze for future meals.
28. Answer emails and clear your inboxes.
29. Have a home spa day- use a face mask, soak your feet, give yourself a mani pedi, do your eyebrows, and if you can, bribe someone to give you a massage!
30. Look through old photos.
31. Put photos in to photo albums.
32. Take a nap.
33. Do some journaling / art journaling.
34. Sit in a cosy spot and watch the rain fall.
35. Invite friends over for a cuppa, meal, or girls / guys night in.
36. Have a go at a new craft project or DIY.
37. Play card games.
38. Go out for a meal.
39. Go to the theatre.
40. Write a friend a handwritten letter.
41. Read interesting articles online from websites like Bored Panda, Buzzfeed, The Huffington Post, The Mighty, etc.
42. Dye your hair a fun colour.
43. Write some poetry or do some creative writing.
44. Play your favourite cheerful, uptempo tunes to brighten the mood.
45. Call a friend for a catch up.
46. Redecorate a room in your home.
47. Try out some new make up looks.
48. Go to the library or go shopping for new books to read.
49. Answer surveys online and earn yourself a few quid.
50. Dance in the rain like nobody's watching.

What's your favourite thing to do when it rains?


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  1. It surely shouldn't be raining in your part of the world right? Sounds like English summers are like Wellington ones! Going to the movies or an aquarium sounds like a perfect way to spend a rainy day, I'd probably spend a rainy day sewing, listening to podcasts and hanging with Mia.


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