Sunday, 30 July 2017

Sunday Favourites #286

Who's up for another batch of my Sunday Favourites?

How beautiful is this artwork by Carolyn Gavin?!

I love these beautiful hand embroidered purses from Oliness Art Studio.

Aww Sam's cactus doughnuts might just be the cutest doughnuts I've ever seen!

I need to make this DIY flamingo pool float pillow, also by Aww Sam. Best cushion ever!

These ice cream sundae cakes from A Beautiful Mess are adorable.

I really like this piece of colourful DIY hanging wall art from Bash Studio. I may just have to make one of these, too.

These DIY watercolour clay bowls from Craftberry Bush are so pretty.

Everybody needs a doughnut colour wheel in their lives, like this awesome one from Oh Happy Day!

Beautiful embroidery by Alyson from Bash Studio.

Pretty planters.

This lovely print from Have A Nice Dayy.

This photo is hilarious!

Artist Zinteta turns stretch marks and other body "flaws" in to beautiful works of art. I kinda wish my stretch marks were rainbow-coloured like those in her art work; they'd look a million times prettier!

Oh Happy Day's Colour Factory looks amazing!

Artist Ligia Fascioni takes photos of fragments of the Berlin Wall and uses them in the backgrounds of her beautiful art.

The Foster Dogs NYC adoption photo shoot is the sweetest thing!

Lovely Links

♥ When chronic illness isolates you. Can so relate to this.

♥ This woman had a complaint made against her after she mentioned her period pain at work. Apparently using a hot water bottle for her pain while she worked made her boss 'uncomfortable.' *Rolls eyes.*

♥ 11 visible signs that provide evidence of  an 'invisible' illness. Invisible illnesses are usually more visible than you'd think; you just need to pay attention.

♥ This woman shared how traumatic it is to fly as a fat person. It breaks my heart that she and countless other fat people are subjected to this degrading treatment, ridiculous rules, and mental trauma whenever they fly. How is it still acceptable to treat another human being like that in this day and age??

♥ Saggy boobs matter! They sure do!

♥ Shocking photos reveal what it's like to live in Hong Kong's 'coffin cubicles'. This made me so sad for the people who have to live in them. It must feel so claustrophobic. 

♥ Heartbroken pit bull cried after his family left him in the shelter. This broke my heart, but I promise it has a happy ending!

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Thanks for reading!


  1. I love reading these on a monday - it always fills me with bright feelings and inspiration!

  2. I dream of having a proper art journal, I would fill it with images like the first one here :)


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