Sunday, 11 June 2017

Sunday Favourites #279

It's Sunday, so that can only mean one thing... it's time for a round of my Sunday Favourites! Enjoy.

Hiné Mizushima's miniature collage art arrangements (Playful Cooking / Playful Crafting / Math/ Science Miniature College) are so beautifully curated.

I also love this Deep Sea Diorama from Hiné Mizushima. The squid, with its little net and lunch box, is adorable.

These hand embroidery kits from Odd Ana Stitch are stunning.

I have no need for a pool party balloon wall, like this one from Oh Happy Day, but I kinda want one.

This DIY donut wall from The Merry Thought is such a cool way to display doughnuts for guests- the only problem is the doughnuts would never last long enough to fill one in this house!

How cute is this tree frog pin from Winnifred's Daughter?!

This awesome X-Files inspired patch from Danny Brito.

These black and white art prints ( whale / hippo / chameleon / ostrich) from KR Sexton Art are so beautiful.

This turtle / terrapin pondering life.

This embroidery from That's Sew Bethany is aaaamazing! I can't believe someone made this, but I love that they did!

Isn't this otter tattoo by Lazer Liz the sweetest tattoo you've ever seen? I want it!

This Ocean Painting embroidery from True Fort is so beautiful.

This great piece of balloon poetry from Oh Happy Day.

Claustrophobic living in Hong Kong photographed beautifully from above.

Artist Melissa McCarthy from Made With Clay and Love sculpts these tiny minimalist creatures by hand with a touch of whimsy. They're so cute!

Italian graphic designer Andrea Antoni searches the world for Pantone colours in natural landscapes and cities to encourage us to embrace the colourful world around us.

This ex-racehorse saved his own life by painting.

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