Sunday, 4 June 2017

Sunday Favourites #278

Who's up for another round of my Sunday Favourites?

This felt Amanita beetle from Hiné Mizushima's Flora Insecta series is so creative. The design is beautiful.

These teacup and teapot cross stitch kits are really cute. They'd go so well in a kitchen with Cath Kidston decor.

These DIY colourful typography soaps from A Kailo Chic Life are really fun. 

We just can't win. Artwork by Ambivalently Yours.

This Marilyn Monroe quote patch from Kate Gabrielle.

I love these metallic cactus stemless wine glasses from Urban Outfitters.

This New Look unicorn light stand is really cute.

Speaking of unicorns, this DIY unicorn planter from Best Friends For Frosting is adorable.

Best Friends For Frosting also made this awesome pink and gold cactus cake, and now I really want to bake one.

I love these flamingo patches from the Sasha Unisex store.

How pretty is this Polish chandelier from Oh Happy Day?

These ombre cake kabobs from Club Crafted look so darn tasty.

I'd love to try this DIY for heart shaped candles brought to us by Enthralling Gumption.

These DIY heart shaped sunglasses cases from Brit + Co are too cute.

God knows how this stuff actually tastes, but mermaid toast looks so darn cool.

I want to DIY some polka dot succulent pots, like this one from Best Friends For Frosting.

Maru, the husky/ panda/ seal cross has the sweetest little face.

Kangbin Lee, a barista from Korea, creates art on coffee and it's amazing.

Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn has built this monumental sculpture of giant hands rising from a canal in Venice to send a powerful message about climate change before it's too late.

Lovely Links

♥ Dogs who are afraid of the most ridiculous things. For some reason, Rosie is afraid of the open door of her crate (when she's not in it), and won't go within a foot of it unless she walking in and out of the crate, or inside it. If a treat or a toy ends up under the door, she'll stand nearby and bark, cry, and howl in despair until someone retrieves it for her. It's hilarious. I'm not exactly sure why she's afraid of it because she's not scared of the crate, but my guess is she remembers the clamour it made and the fright it gave her when she accidentally kicked it with her foot when she was a little pup.

♥ Dog left to die with tape around his mouth and legs can't stop wagging his tail after being rescued by plumbers. Thank God the poor dog was found in time by some caring people. The people who abused him deserve to be strung up and shot.

♥ 21 times 90s fashion brands went way, way too far. Wasn't 90s fashion 'beautiful'?

♥ Black man found not guilty of crime, still sentenced to seven years in prison. There really aren't enough words to describe how horrifying I find this.

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  1. Another great set! The little kitty is so cute! What is WRONG with the people who taped that dog up!


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