Saturday, 3 June 2017

Photo Diary | May 2017

I can't believe we're already a few days in to June! I don't know where May went, but it certainly flew by, which is weird because I didn't even get up to anything exciting (mostly because I was struggling with the back pain and tachycardia all month). 

I visited a bluebells woods, popped in to Oxford with my sister a couple of times, and had a hospital visit, but apart from that I mainly spent the month cross stitching, painting, blogging, hanging out with the dog, reading and watching movies. It wasn't the worst way to spend a month, but it wasn't particularly exciting. Still, I thought I'd share some of the photos I took during the month to look back on, so that's what I'm here to do...

1. Made a rainbow geometric squares cross stitch. // 2 and 3. Also made this geometric rainbow heart. // 4. Started work on a spectral mandala cross stitch. // 5. Currently stitching. // 6. Easter hoop art I made.

1. New Winsor & Newton paints still wrapped. // 2. Had to swatch all the colours. // 3. Shiny new watercolour paints. // 4. Painting on a lazy Sunday afternoon. // 5. Been painting a canvas. // 6. New Winsor & Newton paint brushes.

1. The new Linkin Park album 'One More Light' is amazing. // 2. Enjoyed watching Room for the first time. // 3. Infinity On High will always be one of the best albums. // 4. Cath Kidston Mickey and Minnie Mouse notebook. // 5. Essential viewing. // 6. Recently finished reading Room, currently reading This Must Be The Place.

1. Curious pup. // 2. Poser. // 3. You have treat for me, yes? // 4. Just chillin' in the garden. // 5. Is this my best side? // 6. Rosie mid-run.

1. Happy pup. // 2. The Magical Flying Rosie. // 3. Relaxin'. // 4. Belly rubs please, human. // 5. She sat staring at me through the French door window for ten minutes. The door right beside it was open... // 6. Pretty girl.

1-6. Pretty bluebells at the Badbury Clump bluebell woods near Faringdon in Oxfordshire.

1. A wigwam in the woods. // 2. Tree stump. // 3. Busy bee. // 4. Full moon. // 5. The moon and Jupiter (tiny dot at bottom right). // 6. A red kite flying over the garden.

1-6. Beautiful architecture in Broad Street, Oxford. These two buildings- The Claredon Building and The Sheldonian Theatre- have always been two of my favourites in Oxford; I love the statues, and stone heads.

1-3. Statues on top of The Clarendon Building, Oxford. // 4. Elephant weather vane on top of The Claredon Building. // 5-6. The top of The Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford. 

1-2. Pretty pink tulips from a farmer's market in Stroud. // 3. Cheerful yellow daffodils. // 4. The most amazing salted caramel brownie from a farmer's market. // 5. Delicious 99 ice cream on a hot day. // 6. Marie treated me to the new Cath Kidston summer brooch set!

1. Cheshire Cat Tsum Tsum. // 2. The sister bought me this Kate Spade turtle keyring. // 3. The White Rabbit Tsum Tsum. // 4. New Boohoo smock dress. // 5. Before hair cut. // 6. After hair cut! I got at least 18 inches chopped off on Thursday, and now have a lovely long layered bob! I finally feel like me again. :)

Technically the last two photos were taken on the 1st of June, but I didn't want to wait a whole month before sharing a snap of my new hair do, so you get them a month early.

I'm going to be away for the next week as I'm heading off on my first holiday in six years for a little break, but I've scheduled some posts to keep you entertained while I'm gone, so it'll be like I'm still here. I've no idea how I'm physically going to get through the next week, but fingers crossed the pain doesn't get so bad I can't get out and about and enjoy myself at least some of the time. I'm hopeful my pain levels will be manageable, and I can find a way to power on through. I guess I'm just going to have to wait and see! I'm sure I'll be sharing some snippets on Instagram on Twitter while I'm away, but I'll be sure to fill you in on any adventures when I get home next weekend.

Have a great week!

What did you get up to in May?

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  1. Great photos! I love your embroidery! Your hair looks amazing! Did you get the hairdresser to save your hair, it might be good for a wig for a child with cancer or something? My friend did that when she had her long hair cut!x


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