Monday, 15 May 2017

The World In Stitches Geometric Heart Cross Stitch

If you read my cross stitch posts, you might remember those colourful modern cross stitch kits from The World In Stitches that I was raving about around a month or so ago. I'd picked up four new kits- two mandalas, a geometric heart, and a geometric square made up of lots of little geometric squares, and couldn't wait to get started.

Well, I've already completed the two geometric kits, and I've got the first one to show you today. (Technically, it's the second one I made, but it's the first one I have ready to share).

If you hadn't already guessed, this is the geometric heart, which is without a doubt one of the most fun and colourful cross stitches I've ever made. It was also one of the most enjoyable, because I got to play with a whole rainbow of coloured threads- and you guys all know how much I love to play with colour!

It was an easy little project to stitch because the entire design is made up simple colour-blocked triangles, and just a handful of single stitches. Once I got used to the sequence, I barely even needed to refer to the chart as I went along, and I actually found the simplicity and repetition really therapeutic.

It took me just over a week to finish it by putting in an hour or two at a time, along with a couple of five or six hour stints where I sewed rainbow triangles for hours on end. If I'd stepped up my game and dedicated more time in each sitting, it could've easily been made in just a few days, so it's a great short-term project if you want to cross stitch something without months or years of commitment.

I'm so pleased with how well my attempt turned out. I  love the end result,and how bold and colourful it is; it's so different to anything I've ever made before, and I definitely need to make more designs like it in the future. I still need to get it framed, but it's going to look great on the wall when I do, brightening up the room with that explosion of colour.

The kit includes almost everything you need to make the geometric heart- thick 14 count white aida, beautiful pre-sorted DMC threads, a needle, a colourful and easy to follow chart printed on thick, good quality paper, an image of what the completed cross stitch will look like, and even a beginner's guide to cross stitching to help you get started. You'll just need to get your hands on an embroidery hoop, embroidery scissors, and something to cross the chart off with as you go along. The entire kit is fantastic quality down to the paper the information is printed on, and I'm personally impressed given it's small price tag of just £8.49. It's amazing value for money!

If you're thinking of giving this cross stitch kit a go, I honestly couldn't recommend it to you more. It's perfect for beginners and pros alike, and the pattern is even simple enough for anyone who has never cross stitched a stitch before in their life to follow easily. I promise you'll quickly get the hang of it, and you'll enjoy making it!

You can find the geometric heart cross stitch kit over on The World In Stitches' Amazon and Etsy stores, along with lots of other gorgeous cross stitch kits and patterns.

I'll be back to show you the finished geometric squares cross stitch really soon.



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