Wednesday, 12 April 2017

Wednesday Wish List

This week I've been coveting...

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These amazing colourful bags from Sophia Webster. They're way out of my budget, but if they weren't I'd be building a collection in a micro second. So. Much. Colour.

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I'm loving the latest additions to Erstwilder's Australiana collection, especially the bilby (#10) and the cockatoo (#9) brooches. Their designs are just fantastic.

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These two Lady Vintage Jasmine dresses are so pretty and eye-catching. I need both prints in my life.

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I'm also loving the new Lady Vintage Lady Voluptuous Summer Lyra dresses. They'd be perfect for every day wear this Summer, and could be layered up when Autumn / Winter rolls around again.

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I'm still a little addicted to fruit prints and designs, and these zesty pineapple print make up and wash bags from Skinny Dip are so funky! I definitely don't need any new cases, but I sure want these two. I'm also rather smitten with the pineapple and palm tree pins- they'd be perfect for all those Summer outfits.

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How cute are these Skinny Dip flamingo print tangle teezers?! I could definitely do with a tangle teezer to tackle my super long mane- it's so long now it's almost down to my backside!

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I love these embroidered Cath Kidston espadrilles. They'd make the cutest holiday shoes.

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As per use, I'm coveting Cath Kidston's latest brooches. The palm tree looks a little odd, but I'm dying to add the lobster and little heart to my collection, so I'm sure I'll treat myself to the set soon.  I need a lobster brooch in my life. The banana key fob is adorable, too.

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I'm really taken with the new Cath Kidston lobster range, especially the red lobsters on a blue background, so I'm loving this little selection of bags and cases. The make up bag and wash bag have my name written all over them.

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Speaking of lobsters, I adore Collectif's Camilla lobster motif cardigan, and the Jade seashell border swing dress is pretty darn awesome, too. I think the two pieces would go so well together.

Collectif Fancy Flamingo Basket Bag

This flamingo basket bag from Collectif is amazing! I want it to wear with all of my Summer ensembles.

1 // 2 // 3 // 4

How incredible are the new Kate Spade Full Plume peacock bags?! The wicker peacock (#1) is incredible! Why am I not rich?

Toms Watermelon Espadrilles

And last but not least, these watermelon print Toms are the cutest Summer shoes I've seen in ages. I think I'll be needing a pair in my life.

For more of the fashion pieces on my wish list each week, check out my style wish list boards on Pinterest. You can also find all previous Wednesday Wish List posts here.

What's on your wish list this week?


  1. All the lobsterish items are Amazing!!! I love the shoes and brooch and wicker bag! I already have an Erstwilder lobster brooch but I'd be tempted!!

  2. How amazing are the Sohpia Webster bags? I love her shoes too, they are all dream shoes to me, so expensive though. Oh, oh and the Kate Spade bags! I am hoping to pick up the snake Erstwilder brooch to add to my collection!


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