Sunday, 30 April 2017

Sunday Favourites #273

Who's up for some Sunday Favourites?

So, I'm lactose intolerant and eating cheese usually makes me ill, but I really want to make this amazing DIY rainbow cheeseboard from Homemade Banana. I mean, seriously, how cute is this?!

This daffodil cake from Oh Happy Day is so cheerful. You'll find a DIY for the daffodil cake toppers via the link, too.

Speaking of cake toppers, this DIY lollipop cake topper from Club Crafted is pretty darn eye-catching; but now all I can think is "lollipops... all free today!"

These Kawaii brooches from Lux Cup are so adorable. I particularly love the fox and the deer. 

I love this flamingo fiesta embroidery hoop. I wish it was available to buy as a pattern or kit, but apparently it was from a magazine called Mollie Makes, so it's inspiration only. I'd definitely like to try to make something similar, though.

These DIY floral envelope liners from Maritza Lisa are really lovely.

These DIY fluffy yarn pom pom magnets from Lovely Indeed are too cute.

I don't own a bar cart, but I want to make a DIY floral swag garland like this one from Lovely Indeed.

I love I Spy DIY's entryway succulent storage. I'd build this for my place... y'know, if I actually had my own place.,, Maybe one day.

I adore Kaylah's tiny, temporary beach trash art installations. I wish I lived near a beach so I could do stuff like this.

These best buddies- Butler the cat and Paddington the shar-pei- are too cute for words. If I got Rosie a feline friend, she'd probably just try to kill it- she hates them with fury, and isn't shy about voicing it. 

This tattoo by Dead Meat!

There's a company based in the USA and Canada where you can hire llamas and alpacas to be your wedding guests- and they even dress them in suitable wedding attire. I would laugh, but this is so something I would do! 

Danish artist Thomas Dambo creates amazing giant sculptures out of palettes in the wilderness of Copenhagen.

Lovely Links

♥ Why you don't have to be morbidly thin.

♥ Tess Holliday calls out her fat-shaming Uber driver. Shocking.

♥ How to be comfortable in your pale, pale skin. Amen! I've actually always embraced being super pale, and have never longed to be tanned or alter my skin tone with fake tan or sun beds. I say love the skin you're in!

♥ The woman who can remember every day of her life.

♥ A 13 year old boy surprised his 5 year old sister with a Disney princess photo shoot and it's the most adorable thing ever!

♥ Judge criticised for calling a convicted rapist an "extraordinarily good man." There are no words.

♥ 21 things to understand about people with depression.

♥ Man spends his one day off cleaning forgotten veterans' tombstones, and here are the results. I love that this man selflessly gives up his spare time to honour fallen veterans this way... but, personally, I think the tombstones look better all weathered and aged.

♥ This guy drove 8000km around New Zealand, and realised the country can't be real. And now I want to visit New Zealand even more.

♥ This backpacker went to Vietnam, and came back with a leech up her nose without realising it. Dear God, no.

♥ Angry Mom accidentally texts 35 year old guy instead of her daughter, and things escalate quickly. This is hilarious!

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  1. As always, you have offered much that is beautiful and muhc that is thought-provoking!

  2. I love that the dog and cat a friends! So cute! Also I love that cheeseboard, I never really thought I liked cheese much, until I lived in Asia and had no access to real cheese. I can assure you NZ is 100% real! You've got a place to stay if you ever want to come down for a visit :)


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