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Photo Diary | March 2017

It's been a couple of months since my last Photo Diary, so I thought it was about time I shared a few of the snapshots I've taken over the last month- some you may have seen if you follow me on Instagram, some you won't have because I've not shared them anywhere until now. 

I can't say they're very exciting. March was another uneventful month. I spent the whole month still dealing with a racing heart, palpitations, and weird chest pains, so I spent most of it resting up, and at the doctors, but I felt a lot better than I did in February, and managed to venture out of the house a few times. I popped over to Cirencester and Stroud with Marie for the first time, visited a local garden centre, popped to Hobbycraft for new craft supplies (yay!), and went on a random drive in the country. I got outside in to the garden with Rosie a couple of times, she got spayed last week, I did a whole bunch of cross stitching,.. and, well, apart from blogging, that's about it. Pretty boring, but hey, that's my life!

1. Started a new flamingo cross stitch. // 2. Switched up the bags on the back of my bedroom door- so summery! // 3. Made a flamingo cross stitch.// 4. Spring is here! // 5. Marie bought me the new Cath Kidston duck brooch. // 6. Treated myself to some Real Techniques make up brushes.

1. Bought some amazing colourful cross stitch kits from The World In Stitches. // 2. Pretty purple pansy. // 3. Cath Kidston notebooks are my fave. // 4. Blossom in the garden. // 5. Found Milka Oreo eggs and mini eggs and they are amazing! // 6. Spring is in the air. Display at a garden centre.

1. Poster for a market in Stroud. // 2. Vintage suitcases. // 3. Another poster for Stroud's indoor market. // 4. Giant hare sculpture in the window display of a gift shop in Stroud. // 5. Interesting looking Greyhound pub. // 6. The Silent Busker silently busking in Stroud.

1. Pretty rugged rural countryside in Stroud. // 2. Cute door to a village primary school. // 3. Blossom, horses, and a little house that looks like a dollshouse in Stroud. // 4. A vintage bus we passed in a Cotswolds car park. // 5. Countryside close to home. // 6. A vintage steam engine on Burford high street.

1-3. The shell of an old barn or cottage on some rich person's farm we passed when we took a wrong turn last weekend on a random drive. // 4-6. A cute but dilapidated cottage we spotted on the same stretch of road.

1-3. A red kite circling around my home a few weeks ago when I was in the garden with Rosie. We have a pair of them nearby that circle over head most days. // 4-5. Bright yellow fields of rape seed are already popping up. So cheerful. // 6. Lechlade river in the sunshine last week.

1. Rosie enjoying the sunshine. // 2. Just chillin'. // 3. Rosie eats tennis balls for breakfast, while plotting evil things. // 4. Cheese! // 5. My pretty pup. // 6. Happy puplet after a game of fetch.

1. Helping Rosie play with her new dinosaur toy in her Cone of Shame. // 2. Rosie sitting in her favourite spot on top of the sofa. // 3. Poser. // 4. Happy pup. // 5. Suspicious pup. // 6. Rosie does not like her Cone of Shame. (She got spayed last Thursday, came home in a giant Cone of Shame probably best suited to a Great Dane, and kept getting stuck face down on the floor, and between the furniture. We got her a smaller cone the next day, and she's doing much better coping with it on now).

1. Last week's Hobbycraft Haul. // 2. Bought a couple of canvases with pre-printed words and a flamingo motif to paint. // 3. Treated myself to some Easter fat quarters to turn in to Easter hoop art. // 4. Making progress on my flamingo cross stitch. // 5-6. Been sewing colourful geometric squares in a rainbow of colours.

If you enjoyed this, you can find me on Instagram here, and all previous photo diary posts here.

What did you get up to in March?

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