Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sunday Favourites #266

After a two week break from my Sunday Favourites series- which must be the longest I've gone without blogging one of these posts in about four and a half years- I'm back with a brand new batch for you today, and naturally, it's bursting with colour to brighten up your day.

These floral art prints, 'I Must Have Flowers' and 'Be Kind', from The Wheat Field are so gorgeous.

Studio DIY's unicorn blondie sundae is a colour addict's dream. 

Amen to this piece of body positivity art by Joanna Thangiah. We all deserve to exist exactly as we are.

How good do these unicorn funfetti cookies look?

I love these DIY succulent sand art terrariums from Design Improvised. They're so creative.

I  recently discovered an awesome range of colourful modern cross stitch kits by a brand called The World of Stitches, and fell in love with these designs immediately. In fact, I bought the two designs in the middle minutes later. I've been wanting to have a go at colourful, geometric patterns for years, and these looked perfect, so I couldn't resist. I can't wait for them to get here. I'm already planning to buy the mandala kits next if the two I've purchased live up to my expectations, although I can't decide between this one and this one, so I may just have to buy both. Links: Squares // Geometric Squares // Geometric Heart // Cupcake.

This DIY for turning plain glass plates in to custom colour plates from A Kailo Chic Life is such a cool idea. I would never have thought of doing something like this, but now I kinda want to.

This embroidery from Brynn and Co is so pretty.

I'm loving this funky gradient bar ware DIY. It's all gorgeous.

This is such a lovely office space, and the DIY colourful poster frame is really eye-catching, too.

I'd love to make one of these fun DIY spring wood garlands to hang above my bookshelves.

I've no need for a door mat right now, but I really like this DIY monstera leaf doormat from Enthralling Gumption.

How pretty is this pair of prismatic stork scissors?! 

These buttercream rose petal mini cakes by Coco Cake Land are so beautiful. One of these days I need to learn how to ice cakes, so they don't look like I've iced them with my feet.

The kitchen is far too modern for my personal taste, but I adore the rainbow floor.

When a little boy lost his pet frog, a friend of his Dad started taking pictures of toads wearing hats to cheer him up. Possibly the best story I've heard all week!

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  1. I am glad you are back. I couldn't believe that you hadn't posted for the last two weeks and worried what was wrong.
    Love the embroidery.x


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