Sunday, 5 February 2017

Sunday Favourites #223

It's that time of the week again...

Loving these illustrations from Trait(s) Pour Trait(s) on Tumblr.

So much pretty gift wrapping inspiration from Studio DIY.

These colourful macaron gift boxes from Kailo Chic Life are amazing.

This DIY inspiration pegboard is pretty darn cool.

How good do these shortbread rainbow bites look?! Come to mama!

These garlands are so pretty. I'd want to string them everywhere.

These DIY pattern throw pillows are so lovely and cheerful.

I love these DIY monstera swiss cheese leaf soaps. We always had a cheese plant or two in the house at any given time growing up, so the soaps are kind of making me nostalgic for my childhood.

Baby chinchillas are so damn cute!

I really want to learn how to crochet and was thinking of starting with a granny square blanket, but I stumbled upon this adorable badger crochet kit on Etsy last week, and now I'm tempted to begin with him instead. Oh, so tempted.

These DIY succulent soaps are beautiful.

This Martyna Popiel tattoo sleeve is amazing! I love the aardvark and axolotl.

Art made using coffee and brown pencil by Nuria Marq / Nuria Salcedo. Amazing!

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  1. Dear Louise, the tragedy, which happened in Bavaria, was because they used a power generator run with fuel inside the garden shed. Cause of death was carbon monoxid poisoning. Those kinds of generators are not allowed to use inside houses. It is very sad. But it was an accident, happened because of lack of knowledge (kind of).

  2. I used to have two chinchillas and they had 4 babies and they were utterly adorable!!! I love them!!! That's so sad about that mum with terminal cancer!

  3. I love those illustrations, especially the third one. I do love a good expletive. :) xx

  4. Those baby chinchillas are so cute, I'd love to have a chinchilla one day - but who am I kidding, I want ALL cute animals ;)


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