Friday, 3 February 2017

Photo Diary | January 2017

I can't believe we're already three days in to February! January passed by so fast, which is baffling because it always drags on and on like a road trip through purgatory, and I didn't even get up to anything exciting to help the time pass faster.

The majority of my January was spent stuck in bed because chronic pain has been kicking my ass lately, so I mostly read, cross-stitched, wrote, blogged, spent time with my dog, got back in to Swagbucks, watched movies, and wasted time pinning the shit out of Pinterest. I did manage a brief trip in to Oxford city centre (my local city) with the sis, though, and finally got myself down to Specsavers for an eye test and new glasses (which I'll be blogging about properly soon), but sadly, it was a very boring, uneventful month, and I've nothing exciting to report. I do have some snapshots to share from the month, though, and even if you follow me on Instagram, you won't have seen most of them because the app on my phone hasn't been working properly lately. So, here's January in pictures...

1. Playing Monopoly on NYE. // 2. I finished a Christmas cross stitch ornament. // 3. Cute Lindt bear. // 4. I bought the Cath Kidston Mickey Mouse brooch. // 5. Snagged a bunch of Christmas chocolate for just £1.60 in Superdrug last week! // 6. The Urban Decay Full Spectrum palette is the eye make up palette of my dreams.

1. My Mum's cheese scones FTW! // 2. Made a bunch of Xmas cross stitch cards. // 3. Thornton's chocolate Santa shortly before being murdered. // 4. Started another Christmas cross stitch sampler. // 5. Ninja bear fighting against being eaten. He lost. // 6/ Began sewing a flamingo cross stitch.

1-3. Architecture in Broad Street, Oxford. // 4. A bank on Oxford High Street. // 5-6. Broad Street Architecture.

1. Broad Street with Christmas tree still up a week in to January! // 2. Oxford Saint Mary Magdalen church and graveyard in the city centre. // 3. Christmas tree in Broad Street. // 4. Pitt Rivers museum (from the car). // 5. Oxford architecture. // 6. Boats on the river near Faringdon.

1. Lovely presents. // 2. Making progress on my flamingo cross stitch. // 3. A peacock that appeared in the road in the middle of the Cotswolds' countryside and stared us down! // 4. Rosie looking pretty. // 5. New beauty products to play with. // 6. My dog is so lady-like!

1. Amazing chocolate cake at Patisserie Valerie. // 2. Won a pin from Punky Pins. // 3. Bought some new glasses. // 4. Making progress on a festive sampler. // 5. Rosie looking all photogenic. // 6. Flamingo coming together.

And a few photos from December I never shared, as I skipped last month's photo diary post...

1. Bourton-on-the-Water's Christmas tree in the river. // 2. Swans with Santa hats. // 3. Pretty Christmas lights. // 4. Lovely Charlie Bears in a Bourton gift shop. // 5. Giant inflatable polar bear. // 6. Swans getting festive in Santa hats.

Hopefully February will be much more exciting!

What did you get up to in January?


  1. You must live near my sister in law as she lives near Faringdon in Southmoor. Your cross stitched flamingo is superb_!

  2. Lovely pictures of Rosie, I can't wait to see that flamingo cross stitch when its finished!


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