Saturday, 18 February 2017

75 Things That Inspire Me

It's been a while since I last shared a list, so it's time for a new one. Here's a list of 75 little things that inspire me in life.

1. Beautiful photos.
2. Rainy days.
3. Good books.
4. Moodboards.
5. Other bloggers.
6. People with chronic illnesses, conditions, and disabilities who are going through hell on a daily basis but are still smiling and doing great things in spite of it.
7. People who have or are battling depression and anxiety- they're some of the strongest people out there.
8. Colour.
9. Concerts and gigs / live music.
10. Going to see musicals at the theatre. I love ma a good musical.
11. Nature.
12. Being out in the countryside.
13. Being on the beach, with my feet in the surf, feeling the pull of the tides, and looking out at an endless expanse of sea.
14. Being in fast-paced cities. The hustle and bustle, the sights, the sounds, the smells, the architecture, the unique people... everything's so exciting compared to my small town life.
15. Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr.
16. Articles, news, and blog posts.
17. People who fight for the rights of others.
18. Music.
19. Song lyrics.
20. Perfectly-styled flatlays.
21. Animals.
22. Life in general.
23. Art.
24. Photography.
25. History.
26. Cemeteries.
27. My family and friends.
28. The world, as a whole.
29. Documentaries about interesting things.
30. Blogging.
31. Organ donors and people who give blood and bone marrow. So selfless but so important.
32. People who do random acts of kindness for others.
33. Crafters; people who can design and make beautiful things.
34. Charities raising money for good causes.
35. Animal rescue and rehabilitation centres, shelters, and charities that save the lives of sick, injured and neglected animals and find good homes for abandoned pets.
36. Kind and caring people.
37. The night sky, looking up at the stars and contemplating existence.
38. Hard-working people.
39. Make up artists with exceptional talent.
40. Old couples holding hands and still doting on each other after a life time together.
41. Being near the sea, rivers, lakes, and streams in the great outdoors. I don't know why, but it does.
42. Pretty views.
43. Gorgeous sunsets.
44. Intelligence.
45. Creative people.
46. How amazing our world is.
47. How incredible it is that humans have created so many amazing things from scratch like cameras, computers, electricity, central heating, vehicles, rockets, bombs... It amazes me how smart our minds are and that these inventions were possible to make.
48. Pretty flowers.
49. My best friend; her strength, her positive attitude towards life, her work ethic, her drive, her support for others, her love for her son, her take-no-crap-from-anyone attitude...she's inspiring in so many ways.
50. My senses.
51. Cornwall.
52. Perranporth Beach in Cornwall. Actually, just any pretty sandy beach.
53. London.
54. New York.
55. Beautiful places.
56. Tragedy and the way people work or come together after one..
57. Sunshine.
58. Museums and galleries.
59. Writers.
60. Artists.
61. People-watching.
62. Survival in the face of adversity.
63. Light seeping through trees in the Summer.
64. Creative writing.
65. Springtime, when everything is coming back to life after a long barren Winter.
66. Old photos.
67. Movies.
68. Walks in the countryside.
69. Travelling.
70. Road trips.
71. Body positivity and people with body confidence.
72. Laughter.
73. Fashion.
74. Documenting stuff.
75. Writing lists.

What inspires you?


  1. Yes, these are all very inspiring to me too!
    I'm reading 'Me before you' at the moment and it is really making me think hard about those who go through pain on a daily basis and have to endure it and all the indignity that goes with it!x

  2. A lovely list! It's great that you're inspired by people close to you, like your best friend :)


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