Monday, 16 January 2017

My Goals and Resolutions For 2017

I've never been one to set myself huge, unrealistic new year's resolutions that I'll never be able to achieve, like shedding half my body weight overnight, gaining fame and fortune, scaling Ben Nevis blind-folded, or trekking solo across Antarctica in my undies. None of that will happen, so where's the fun in setting myself up for failure?

Instead, I prefer to set myself smaller, attainable goals that I should be able to achieve if I put in the effort. Things I want to do or improve on, creative projects I want to try, places I want to visit, experiences I want to have, stuff I need to do to sort my life out, blog goals... that sort of thing. I find I achieve a hell of a lot more that way.

This year, I've set myself quite a few goals, but I'm confident I can achieve them all if I stay focused, make time, and put in the effort. I thought I'd share some of them with you today, so here they are.

Go For An Eye Test and Get New Glasses
I've not had an eye test or new glasses in over five years, and my vision has become worryingly blurry lately (and I've always had terrible eyesight, so that's saying something), so getting my arse down to Specsavers this morning is a priority. I'm looking forward to getting some new glasses and actually being able to see clearly again!

Get A Hair Cut
It's been over three years since my last hair cut, so I desperately need to get myself down to the hair dresser's ASAP, too. My hair is now past my waist and apart from looking like a bedraggled mess, the length is driving me mad, and becoming too high maintenance- it takes an hour and a half just to wash and dry it! It's time to get it cut back in to a bob and make my life so much easier.

Put 110% In To Health Care
Right now, I have no idea what 2017 has in store for me in terms of health care, but what I do know is that I'm going to give everything suggested by my doctors my best shot, because a) I have nothing to lose, and b) I deserve nothing less. I deserve to put the effort in for myself.

Read More
I didn't read anywhere near as many books as I would've liked last year, so this year I want to dedicate more time to reading, and also attempt to work my way through my mammoth to-be-read pile. I'm not setting myself a target, but I'm hoping to finish at least a couple a month.

Craft More
I feel so content when I'm making things with my own two hands, so I want to craft regularly in 2017, and try lots of new crafts, like crocheting, embroidery, jewellery making, needle-felting, decoupaging, and all kinds of other fun stuff. I just want to make things.

Make More Hoop Art
I really enjoyed making Christmas fabric hoop art in December, so I'm itching to make heaps more in both festive and non-festive fabrics. I'd love to make enough to create an epic wall feature above my bookcase.

Paint Again
It's been years since I last did any painting, so I'd like to dig out my art supplies this year, and see if I can improve my watercolour and oil painting skills. I'm not at all gifted when it comes to art, but it was something I used to really enjoy, and that's all that really matters at the end of the day, right?

Improve On My Photography and Photo Editing
My photography and photo editing skills need a lot of improvement, and being a perfectionist, it really bugs me that I can't get them to a quality I'm happy with, or to look the way I want them to. It's the main reason why I often go days without blogging. I can spend days trying to edit a few photos and still not get them right, so I either end up posting shit photos, or don't blog at all. I need to get a new camera, learn to use it better, look in to getting blog lights, and also polish my editing skills. Being able to see clearly might also help.

Keep On Top Of Blog Comments and Emails
I completely failed at keeping up with and replying to comments and emails last year, and I know it's not good enough. I'm actually quite ashamed of myself for letting it slide, but I vow to catch up soon (once I have new glasses and can look at the screen without my eyes burning) and reply regularly once I have. I want to be reliable and far more interactive with you guys again.

Blog Outfits Again
I had hoped to get back to blogging outfits regularly last year, but that never happened, mostly because my next door neighbours had builders working on their extension all year and I didn't feel comfortable with the idea of snapping photos with an audience. I also didn't have the funds for many new outfits, and struggled with liking my appearance after gaining a few pounds, which contributed to the lack of outfit photos. Once the builders have finished next door, I'm hoping to get back in to the swing of things, and share outfits again whenever I feel up to it, because I genuinely miss blogging about them.

Blog Regularly and Improve My Content
Last year, I blogged less than ever before, and I wasn't able to blog about all the things I wanted to, mostly because of photography difficulties, and being too ill to take photos often. I had so many ideas for posts and even wrote drafts for many of them that I was unable to finish. It was so frustrating, and I wasn't happy with my blog last year at all. So, this year, I want to do my best to blog regularly with lots of fresh and interesting content- more fashion, more beauty, more lifestyle, more crafts I make, places I visit, more reviews of products I use, more posts on health care and chronic illness, more favourites, more everything.

Give The Blog A Make Over
The blog is long over due a redesign, and I think it's about time I did a complete over-haul; it's a mess. I just need to decide what I want it to look like... I have a feeling this could take a while!

Rename My Blog
I've hated the name of my blog for years, and I think it's about time I changed it to something that doesn't make me cringe every time I see / read / think about it, and to something that's less of a mouthful. I think 2017 will be the year of the rebrand.

Continue Training Rosie
My one year old Tibetan terrier pup Rosie still needs some more training to shape her in to the perfect family pet, particularly with recall, giving up things she shouldn't have (though she does drop her toys on command), and not jumping all over people sitting on the sofas, so I'm going to step up my game, and commit to guiding her there until we've cracked it. I know she'll get there.

Shop For Christmas Presents Throughout The Year
I want to pick up birthday and Christmas presents for my family and friends throughout the year, whenever I find the perfect gift. I did this last year, and it not only helped spread the cost and make me feel super organised, but it turned out to be a life saver come Christmas time when I had some unexpected financial stress, so I want to keep shopping this way from now on. No more last-minute shopping stress for me!

Stay Out Of My Overdraft
Over the last few years, I've gotten in to a bad habit of dipping in to my overdraft, and in all honesty, most of the time it's been for frivolous things I didn't even need and could've lived without. Now that I've cleared it, I'm determined to stay out of it as much as possible, and only use it for essentials or emergencies, y'know, like a proper adult.

Pay Off My Store Card
I'm hoping to pay off the remaining balance on my Dorothy Perkins store card, and then only use it for outfit emergencies (IE: if I need something to wear for a funeral or wedding, or my last pair of leggings / bra / knickers / other essential falls apart). No more using it for things I want but don't need and can't afford.

Go On More Adventures and Explore New Places Locally
It's unlikely that I'll be able to travel widely or go on holiday this year, but whenever my health will allow it, I want to get out of the house, visit new places (and maybe some old faves, too), do some exploring, and have a little fun. There are so many places I've never visited or explored properly close to home, so I want to work on changing that. I'd just like more adventures, more days out, more random road trips, more concert adventures, more cemetery exploration, more time in the country and in the city... basically just a little more time out of the house living in the real world. More living. Maybe even a trip in to London or down to the beach if I can manage it, but that's probably a little too ambitious.

Some Places I'd Like To Visit in 2017
The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.
Blenheim Palace.
The Ashmolean and Pitt Rivers museums in Oxford.
Christchurch, Oxford.
The Cotswold Wildlife Park.
Birdland in Bourton-on-the-Water.
Broadway, The Cotswolds.
A local bluebell woods, when it flowers in the Spring.
Arundel and Arundel Castle.

And perhaps most importantly, I need to take life one day at a time, make the best of every day, try not to push myself beyond my limits, look after myself, and try not to stress about the future too much.

What are your new year's resolutions?


  1. I think you're too hard on yourself with your photos and blogging in general! I think you're doing an amazing job 💜 looking forward to seeing more posts about your adventures in 2017 x

  2. These are some amazing goals! I went and had my eyes tested the other day, it had been 5 years since I last had them done. Luckily I was told that my eyes were pretty much the same and I didn't have to change prescriptions! I also had a hair cut. Seems I using your goals list too :P


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