Thursday, 26 January 2017

My Christmas Cross Stitch Makes of 2016

Over the festive season I somehow became super productive with a needle and thread, and cross stitched my freckled arse off throughout December.

I actually managed to complete two Christmas cross stitch samplers, four Christmas cards, and one cross stitch ornament in the last four or five weeks of the year, (along with eight pieces of hoop art and six Christmas crackers), which I have to say felt pretty darn satisfying. I ended the year feeling unusually productive and accomplished and it was a good feeling. It doesn't happen often!

These are the pieces I made...

At the end of November, I finished this fun colourful patchwork sampler from Riverdrift House, which I already blogged about in detail here.

I then went back to the Riverdrift House Christmas band sampler I'd cast aside out of boredom the Christmas before, and somehow found the time and determination to finish the remaining third about ten days in to December. I totally smashed my expectations with this one because I didn't think I'd finish it before the new year, so virtual high-five to me! I was so pleased to finally put this one to rest, because I found the repetition really tedious, and my heart just wasn't in it, but I am really pleased with the end result, so I'm glad I stuck it out. I think it's going to add a lovely, homey touch to the Christmas decorations when I eventually get around to framing it in five or ten years time.

Once I'd completed the samplers, there were still a couple of weeks to go 'til Christmas, so I decided to try to work my way through the last four Riverdrift House Christmas cross stitch cards I'd been meaning to get around to for a few years. I'd made one the Christmas before, and another the year before that, but for some reason I never found time to make the rest. I wish I had because I really enjoyed stitching these, mostly while watching Christmas movies or festive TV, and it was so satisfying to finish each one in a couple of days, instead of several months like the majority of the cross stitch projects I've made in recent years. I somehow found the time to finish all four (the top three, and bottom right) by the day after Boxing Day, which isn't bad considering I had so many other Christmas things to do, too.

I won't actually be turning them in to Christmas cards- although, the cards are included in the kit- because I just can't bring myself to give them away; I like the designs too much. I'm intending to turn them in to ornaments if I can find mini picture frames to fit them; failing that, I'll probably get them framed together in one of those multi-photo picture frames.

And finally... 

After finishing the cross stitch cards, there were still a few days left until the end of the year, so I figured I had time for one last cross stitch challenge, and finally got to work on the little Permin Scandi Christmas bells ornament that had been sitting in my stash for about four years. It had much smaller aida than I was expecting (though I couldn't tell you what count), so it took several days to make, instead of two or three as I'd assumed from the packaging, but that wasn't a problem. I had it finished a day or two in to the new year, and kinda enjoyed working on it. The design is far more traditional than I tend to go for, but I'm definitely more of a traditionalist when it comes to Christmas decorations, anyway, and I'd say the design is pretty timeless. 

I haven't been able to find a link to purchase this one online, but they're a Danish brand, and usually prominent in most specialist sewing / needlework / craft shops.

I'm pleased with all of the projects I made over Christmas, and impressed with how much I was able to achieve, especially considering it was during the busiest season of the year. It's encouraging me to craft more, and make good use of my time. I'm now working on another Christmas sampler and a flamingo hoop kit, which I'm sure I'll be giving you a peek at soon, either here or on my Instagram.

What have you crafted or created lately?

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  1. Oh Louise, you are so clever!!! These are truly wonderful!!!!


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